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Pocket Love Tips, Tricks, And Strategies Guide

Are you looking for tips, tricks, and strategies to advance in Pocket Love? Here is what you need.

Love is probably the only thing with dozens of definitions yet no one true meaning. Even the same group of friends, siblings, and spouses can have different beliefs. Some believe in eternal love, while others say it fades with the day. So rather than running after its meaning, let’s create one where you can have control, and every character gets their meaning. While you are playing it use these Pocket Love tips, tricks, and strategies to create unforgettable love stories.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Pocket Love

Pocket Love Smiley Package

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There is so much you can do in this cozy simulation to create a perfect couple and find their eternity. So follow these tips, tricks, and strategies to utilize everything.

Daily Rewards, Zac & Mindy, Ad Van, Extra Rewards, Clean Streets, To Do list, Smiley Package, Codes, and Kai are ways to earn free rewards. Let us learn about them one by one.

  • First one that we will focus on is Daily Rewards. Tap on the temperature icon in the top left corner below the time and claim rewards. You can get Dogllars, Coins, and other gifts.
  • Zac and Mindy come to sell clothes once a day. And their clothing store has three options, Dogllars, Coins, and Advertisement. Just watch a few seconds ad and earn a free clothing piece.
  • Ad Van drives past your house and gives rewards for watching a few seconds ad. Tap on them and watch adverts for free items.
  • Many times when you earn rewards from boxes, level-ups, and other sources, you get an option of Extra Rewards. Tap on them, watch an ad, and get the free reward.
  • You can obtain Coins by cleaning streets and getting rid of garbage. You can find these litters by scrolling around the map.
  • It is always suggested you complete to-do lists, as they give coins and other rewards. Plus, they are mostly simple tasks, like changing clothes, taking pictures, and more.
  • Smiley package is a cardboard board lying outside your cabin, every time you see a smiley popping above its head means it is ready to give free rewards. So tap open and claim your gift.
  • Secret password codes can be used by going to Settings, selecting Vault safe, entering a password, and pressing submit button.
  • Kai stands outside your house. And you can earn free rewards by tapping on him and watching advertisements.

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