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Purrfect Tale Tips, Tricks, And Strategies Guide

Here are all the tips, tricks, and strategies players need to advance smoothly in Purrfect Tale.

Going back in time and having tons of study load rather than some grandiose mission isn’t exactly how one would prefer time traveling. But what if you can live an aesthetic life with adorable pets, create a cozy cabin with cute decor, and have a happy life with these furry beings that can turn into a human? That sounds joyful, so live the life of a student who finds retreat in these furry beings. And use these tips, tricks, and strategies of Purrfect Tale to enjoy this interactive story.

Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Purrfect Tale

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The story progresses like interactive comics where your choices will affect your future, so it becomes crucial that you learn some tricks and strategies for better gameplay and clarity. Therefore learn these below-mentioned things and play better.

Use Claw Mini-game Machine for Freebies

The Claw Machine mini-game lets you win food, decorative items, and Pets. And can be used for free five times a day. To use this feature, tap on the “Claw Machine” in the bottom right corner and select “Use the Claw for free“.

Play it like any other claw machine. Use the right side lever to set your target and press the button. You can refresh the machine when your desired prize is someplace difficult. The refresh button is placed on the top right side. But remember players can only refresh once every six hours.

Collect Cod to Purchase New Items

Cods are the micro currency of the game and can be used to purchase clothing, furniture, cat food, and more. There are several ways to earn this currency in a game. The easiest is collecting rewards, cleaning cat poo, and feeding pets. Apart from these methods, you can earn free Cod by new posts, finishing chapters, affection points, and mini-game interactions.

Increase Affection Level to Get Gifts

Filling the cat bar gives you fish which will give Cods or Hearts. There are many ways to fill and increase this in the game. Rub your pet’s belly by tapping on it, watch videos with your cat, clean her, play with it, and complete interaction tasks to get Affection Hearts and fill the bar. Fulfill all the needs that pop up above it.

These are all the must tips, tricks, and strategies of Purrfect Tale, which players need to pay attention to for smooth gameplay. While you are here, check out our other gaming guides and learn how to adopt a pet in BitLife.