WWE Mayhem: Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies

Use these tips and tricks to create the best roster in WWE Mayhem.

If you grew up watching the famous combat sports competition WWE, you might have rooted for some legendary players like The Rock, Undertaker, Ronda Rousey, Goldberg, and more. Now you don’t just need to admire them you can get them on your team and have them fight beside you. Also, create the best roster by following our WWE Mayhem tips, tricks, and strategies.

Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for WWE Mayhem

WWE Mayhem Special Moves

Collect Free Rewards

Players should first collect logging-in rewards as they are random and can give you anything from additional players to the resource. Complete and collect task rewards daily to get exciting rewards of micro currency, items, and Superstars.

Perfect Your Combo Attacks

It is crucial to learn and master combo attacks as they drain the power of your opponents like nothing else. But while performing these attacks, you need to make sure that the enemy has not started blocking your attack. If it did, there is no point in continuing the same move and wasting energy rather you should look for an opening and smash your opponent as soon as it gets defenses down.

If your opponent is using a combo, you can also go for a block and try to study their next move for defense and surprise attack.

Synergy and Superstars

The game has a unique system where some of the superstars if placed together increase the hit rate, create synergy, and more. To learn which player complements another, go to “Superstars“, select the player, and press the Synergy in the bottom left corner.

Special Moves Timing

Mastering special moves is one thing and using them is another. In combat, it is crucial to study your opponent’s move set, tire them and look for their weakness to use finisher moves. As such moves consume a good amount of energy and if the opponent is still standing, then you might not last long.

Study Classes for Advantage

Technician > Powerhouse > High Flyer > Showman > Brawler > Wildcard > Technician

Above is a class circle that the game follows. And it is always suggested to use this unless you are confident otherwise.

In this guide, you learned tips, tricks, and strategies for WWE Mayhem. While you are here, skim through our other gaming guides and learn about the best WWE Android games.