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MHR: Best Beginner Weapons Tier List (January 2023)

Here you will find a list of the best beginner weapons for MH Rise.

Weapons are a crucial component in hunting games like MH Rise. A good weapon will make your journey smooth and fast, while difficult ones will make it harder for you. Especially when you are a beginner, it becomes important to find and select the weapons that will suit your fighting style and are not complex to handle. So here is the best beginner tier list for MHR weapons.

Best Beginner Weapons Tier List for Monster Hunter Rise 2023

Weapons Tier List For MHR

There are fourteen weapon categories with some hard-to-control or adapt ones. If you choose them, you will probably start to find the game annoying and too much. And since everyone is different, all players find some or the other weapons easier to use. So look at this list and your style.

  • Great Sword – S+ Tier
  • Light Bowgun – S Tier
  • Long Sword – A+ Tier
  • Dual Blades – A Tier
  • Hunting Horn – B+ Tier
  • Lance – B Tier

Great Sword – S+ Tier

It is a big sword that deals massive damage to the enemy. Making it easier for the beginner to fight and win matches against powerful beasts. And it is easy to control if you are used to handling swords in the game. You can use Wirebug move with Spirit Helm Breaker to deal with fatal attacks.

Light Bowgun – S Tier

Light Bowgun is a ranged weapon of comfortable size. It can use a variety of ammo that will have different effects. This weapon’s biggest advantage is its weight, which provides you agility and mobility on the battlefield.

Long Sword – A+ Tier

Long Sword charges your Spirit Gauge with every damage you deal on the enemy. To give Spirit Vlade attacks, and this also allows technical dodge and counterattack combat to players.

Dual Blades – A Tier

Dual Blades are dexterous tools that deal rapid damage to your enemy. Its Demon and Archdemon Modes will further increase your speed and damage percentage.

Hunting Horn – B+ Tier

This gives buff to your party and can be used for stunning. The Magnificent Trio allows you to combine 3 notes and play all the songs.

Lance – B Tier

Lance is good for defense, as its shield can handle deathly attacks and not compromise much with speed. Its moves are simplest and easiest to understand and control, so it is best for absolute beginners.

In this tier list, you learned about the best beginner weapons of MHR to progress fast. If you found this helpful, then do check out how to climb walls and raise max stamina in Monster Hunter Rise.