MHR: How To Climb Walls Faster

Are you stuck near the wall? Try these methods to climb them in MH Rise.

MHR is a hunt-based game with many powerful beasts and monsters, which requires players to explore and interact with their surroundings. This includes climbing too, where some players are facing an issue because it is time-consuming and not feasible during rush. No worries, we found some tricks for you, that will not only help you climb faster but will also be helpful during a fight. So if you are also finding it hard, read this guide on how to climb walls faster in MHR Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Climb Walls Faster in Monster Hunter Rise

Climb Walls Faster In MH Rise

There are different types of walls or hurdles players climb in the game. Some of which were previously very hard and time-consuming. But Wirebug and Palamute upgrades have made it a lot easier than before. Still, due to games frequently updating mechanisms, gamers might sometimes find it hard to overcome this problem. No worries, follow the steps below and climb any wall that blocks your path.

Simple Way of Climbing

  • Launch your game and start your gameplay. Now look for any wall and get close to it by either running or walking.
  • Keep on going, and your character will start climbing using ropes, stones, vines, and other dragging and lifting objects.
  • Now, hold the R button to move faster.

Wirebug Method

  • Go near the wall, aim anywhere on it, press ZL, and use ZR.
  • You will also be able to use jump and direction commands with this move.
  • Pressing ZL + X will help you climb on a wall without any holds.
  • Then you can jump and use R to move faster.

Palamute Method

If you climb vine walls while riding your Palamute. Then your speed will tremendously increase. To do that, first, ride your Palamute, approach the wall with speed, and you will start climbing. Now press and hold R, then your ride will jump on the wall at high speed. You can also use ZR to move even faster.

Here you learned how to climb walls in MHR and its controls. So if you found this guide helpful, then check out how to raise max stamina and change your Hunter’s appearance in Monster Hunter Rise.