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How To Raise Max Stamina In MHR

Read this to find out how to raise stamina in MHR.

There are a variety of beasts, players can hunt using different kinds of equipment in this game. Some are tough to defeat, while some are piece of cake. But to complete your mission and hunt these monsters, you will need a pool of energy. So here is how you can raise max stamina in MHR Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Raise Max Stamina in MH Rise

Raise Max Stamina In MH Rise

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There are several ways to gain stamina in the game. And here are all the working ways to max out your stamina before, during, and after the fight.


This Endemic Life can increase your stamina for about 90 seconds and gives AOE buff. You can capture them from Sandu Ruins, Lava Caverns, Flooded Forest, Jungle, Frost Islands, Shrine Ruins, and Citadel. Peepersects are yellow butterflies with black spots. Players can trigger this effect by inhaling the dust it emits.

Yellow Spiribirds

It is another Endemic Life found in Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Frost Islands, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns. This creature increases max stamina based on equipped Petalace and lasts till you have completed your quest.

Ancient Potion

This potion can maximize your health and stamina. You can craft this using Immunizer and Kelbi Horn. And also get it from some Arena and Challenge quests.

Energy Drink

This item is crafted by mixing Nitroshroom and Honey. And can also be obtained through trading with a cost of 300 Kamura Points. You can purchase it from Buddy Plaza from Argosy’s Rondine.

Other Ways to Raise Your Stamina

  • Bunny Dangos: This meal can be bought from Hub’s canteen or Kamura tea shop. They are capable of increasing your stamina and health by 20. If you have completed four Hub or five village quests, you might receive plus 50 stamina and a health boost.

That is all you have to do to raise your max stamina in MHR. If this article was helpful to you. Then read where to find Dragonhusk and Machalite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.