How To Change Your Hunter’s Appearance In Monster Hunter Rise?

Provide your hunter a much-needed makeover. Here's how to change your hunter's appearance in Monster Hunter Rise.

Are you disappointed with the way your character looks in this action-adventure title? Then it’s time to change his appearance in Monster Hunter Rise and spruce up the already beautiful weapons he uses to take down massive beasts. This not only changes the appearance of your character and weapon in the game, but it also allows you to craft awesome gears.

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There are so many things to customize, from hairstyle to makeup, outfits to even voice and whatnot. The game allows you to completely re-edit the character the way you desire. If you are tempted to make the game more eye-pleasing make sure to follow this guide till the end.

Monster Hunter Rise Change Appearance

Though the purpose of this famous shooter video game is to hunt down giant monsters, the overall appeal of the game is still very important. You can change the appearance in Monster Hunter Rise with a slew of customizable options in a simpler manner. Here are the steps for the same.

  • Step 1: Go to Kamura
  • Step 2: Enter your room
  • Step 3: Interact with the item box
  • Step 4: Choose appearance settingsMonster-hunter-rise-change-appearance
  • Step 5: Choose to change the appearance
  • Step 6: Click on yesMonster hunter rise change appearance

Once you’ve finished the previous steps, you’ll be guided to the character creation screen, where you’ll see the same selection choices you used the first time.

Also, when you advance further in the game you will unlock multiple potent weapons and armours that may modify the entire outlook of your character which you can anytime change again with the help of this guide.

Now proceed with the Monster Hunter Rise change appearance process by changing the hairstyle, eyebrows, clothing, facial hair, makeup, everything and anything but the gender. Yes, you cannot change the gender of your character in the game.

Bonus: Monster Hunter Rise Palico & Palamute Change Appearance

Regrettably, you are not allowed to change the appearance of Palico & Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise but you can anytime select Buddy, buff up skills, Palamute gear, layered armour settings, and more via Buddy Board.

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You’re all set to venture into the Monster Hunter Rise with your hunter’s updated appearance and enjoy the picturesque ride.