Monster Hunter Rise Chameleos Explained

Capcom announced in its recent Monster Hunter digital event this week the return of Chameleos in Monster Hunter Rise 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise: Chameleos is back again in the game’s franchise. This information was released by Capcom during a live-streamed Monster Hunter digital event that was held this week. Chameleos is an Elder Dragon introduced in MH2 and has been around for almost 15 years now. During the event two upcoming games were announced 1) Monster Hunter Rise and 2) Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

MHRise is all set to come to the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Bringing with it fan-favorite monster the Chameleos. Previously this monster was seen in many Monster Hunter titles and will now again be part of the line-up. In this article, we have explained all about this fan-favorite monster and what more you guys can look forward to in the upcoming update.

Monster Hunter Rise Chameleos – New Info

 First Appearance

Chameleos is a returning monster in Monster Hunter Rise. This monster was first introduced in the Japanese release of Monster Hunter 2 back in 2006 for PlayStation 2. Since then it has been appearing quite a few times. It now has almost been around 15 years since the monster has frequently appeared in the MH franchise.

Type Elder Dragon Previous Games
  • MHF2
  • MHFU
  • MH4U
  • MHG
  • MHGU
  • Dragon (2nd Gen)
  • Water (MHRX)
  • Poison
  • Fatigue (2nd Gen, MHFZ, MHO)
  • Defense
  • Down (2nd Gen, MHFZ, MHO)
    Vocal Cord
  • Paralysis (MH2, MHF)
  • Sleep(MHXR)

Physical Characteristics

Chameleos’s body is covered by a purple and white hide, and its head ends with a protruding horn at the tip of its nose. It even has wings that have a purple color with a grayish-white membrane which aids it in taking flight, it even helps him in adjusting the trajectory of the Poison Fog. Its got a very unique tail which is quite large and looks almost like a leaf and has a curled, spiraling tip.


Chameleos can be found in tropical and subtropical locations, like the Jungle and Forest, and Hills. Sometimes you may even be able to spot them in the Swamp.

  • Forest and Hills
  • Jungle
  • Swamp
  • Town
  • Tower 3
  • Flooded Forest
  • Ancestral Steppe
  • Primal Forest
  • Everwood
  • Battlequarters
  • Verdant Hills
  • Marshlands
  • Ruined Pinnacle
  • Shrine Ruins


Chameleos has two different types. The first is the Dragon-type and the second is the Water-type. To defeat its Water form you will have to use weapons that are embedded with Thunder or Dragon elements. It is even sensitive to Fire Element on the chest, front legs, and tail.

Chameleos Weakness
  • Dragon
  • Fire (On its head)
  • Thunder (MHXR)

This will be all that you will need to know about Monster Hunter Rise Chameleos in the upcoming update. For more such guides and updates keep following us on