Monster Hunter Rise Palico: Best Support Types & Roles

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Who wouldn’t be addicted to a game featuring incredibly cute cat-like characters? Anyone will!! To make the craze of the game going, all of the famous game developers are rushing to introduce new and innovative features, and Capcom is no exception. Capcom has released delightful creatures known as Palico in the most best-known action RPG Monster Hunt Rise, who will accompany you on all of your hunting trips and adventures, making it an exciting journey.

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In Monster Hunt Rise, you will discover five Palico, each with a fully customizable choice depending on the support type. Let’s dig deeper into the topic.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Palico Support Type

The Palico you select for your voyage is completely dependent on your existing preferences and criteria, and the following are only a few of the many aspects to consider before settling on one.

  • What are you hunting for?
  • What is your current build?
  • Do you need some additional healing?
  • Do you need to be protected from bombs thrown by the enemies?
  • Do you have partner support in battles?

Once you figure out your requirements, go through the following support types and their contribution, and finally pick your adorable companion.


The healer’s primary responsibility is to heal the hunters and keep them well enough to wage war. It fixates on their recovery moves thereby ensuring they are in proper condition to fight and tackle monsters.


This kind of support is incredibly helpful because it assists you in devising strategies to weaken the beast and establish desirable scenarios.


This is a combat-oriented support type who becomes incredibly violent and offensive when called upon. They raise their own attack strength and have the potential to turn it into a great battle furball.


Big bombs can be used to ambush the monsters. This is a support type who enjoys blowing stuff up. Has a powerful destructive strength and is capable of handling big bombs.


This is a form of help who can detect possessions. Gathering Palico is pretty excellent for stealing objects and acquiring high-quality goods.

Can You Switch Monster Hunter Rise Palico Support Type?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change your support type, but you can still rent out other Monster Hunter Rise Palico through the Buddy Plaza and Buddy Scout facilities. All you have to do is look at the available buddies in the facility and prefer one to either join you on your ventures or send them off on their own to complete multiple missions. However, keep an eye on your buddy limit to prevent any challenges.

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That’s all on Monster Hunter Rise Palico; I hope you find your best fit and enjoy progressing through the game.