Mass Effect Class Tier List For Legendary Edition (January 2022)

Check out this tier list to see which class has the most benefits in Mass Effect Legendary.

With the long-awaited release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, video gamers like you wasted no time in searching the internet for the best class tier list. Your urgency is understandable given the video game’s popularity and your desire to revisit the trilogy’s wonderful times. So, without further ado, let’s find the most fitting class for you.

Mass Effect Legendary Class Tier List – 2022

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a redesigned iteration of the epic sci-fi RPG that brought along new elements and improvements. When you begin the game, you will be asked to choose one of six classes.

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Every class passes on to Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3. If you’ve chosen a class, you can’t change it unless you make a new Shepard. You can, however, switch classes between the trilogy but not during the playthrough.


Each class specializes in something, such as war, biotics, or technology. Three of these focus on a single domain, while the others merge two into a combination. The biggest problem is which class to choose. Here is the class tier list for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to help you make a better and faster decision. However, this is not really a tier list, but rather each class is explained with its own set of benefits. Read on to find out which matches your gaming style.


Are you a hard worker who prefers to fight with weapons instead of natural powers and abilities? Then this class is ideal for you. The Soldier class is straightforward and solely concerned with using the existing weapons. They have improved health and are equipped with the finest armor. The only disadvantage is that they only have a few abilities.


Their specialization is obvious from their name. Engineer is a tech professional with abilities to interrupt and frustrate enemies during war. Since they are technical, they are highly useful for hacking surveillance devices, accessing datapads, and healing the team. They have less weapon accessibility than other classes, but due to their abilities, they make an outstanding support class.


Adept is an enhanced version of the Engineer class. The only distinction is that they rarely use their technical brains and instead rely on biotic powers. They just deal with pistols.  Adept is the class with the most ineffective weapons. Through their abilities, Adept knows how to wreak havoc during the war.


The Infiltrator class in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition shares characteristics with two other courses: Engineer and Soldier. On the one hand, they are excellent in technicalities and abilities, while on the other, they carry moderate armour and are ideally suited for long-range fighting. They specialize in weapons but are weaker as a whole.


Another with attributes of two classes: Engineer and Adept. Allow your teammates to use weapons and keep Sentinels behind. They deal the most damage when used as a support class, and largely depend on fighting skills.


Best for close-quarters action and violent battles. Long-range combat is not advised when using Vanguard. Vanguard focuses on biotics that helps in attacking enemies and challenging them on the battlefield with just one firearm. They are better known for their biotic abilities, so choose Vanguard if you want to indulge in similar gameplay.

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That brings us to the end of the Mass Effect class tier list for the brand-new Legendary Edition. You won’t have any problem settling on a class now that we’ve discussed each one thoroughly.