Valheim Weapon Tier List (April 2023)

With the Valheim weapon tier list, you can conveniently destroy those troublesome zombies and monsters.

The terrifying world of Valheim is bustling with deadly creatures ready to attack you all the time. Whatever you do, wherever you are, at least one enemy is waiting to spring on you from nowhere. Since there are threats everywhere, it is important to be well-equipped with powerful weapons. I understand it is challenging to choose which weapon to use in Valheim, but not with the tier list given below.

Valheim Weapon Tier List – 2023

There is a crap load of things to do in this Viking survival game, such as discovering biomes, constructing shelters, collecting supplies, and so on. Given that the genre is survival, there are bound to be pitfalls during such activities. The only legitimate and dependable way to deal with them is to use the appropriate weapon.

It is usual for players to choose the most attractive resource, but several other factors need to be considered. Your weapon effectiveness in battle is determined by variables such as versatility, DPS, crowd control, damage type, etc. Here’s the ultimate Valheim tier list you can count on to make your work simpler.

Note: Since I believe there is no point in listing the least powerful and worthless weapons, I am just mentioning those that are worth the attention.

Tier S

Tier S weapons should be at the top of your preference list for the reasons mentioned below. These is the lethal weapons that will assist you at any moment and in any situation. You will never make a mistake if you choose them.

Weapon Description Recipe
Frostner This is an ax that resembles a hammer. It is useful in dealing blunt, frost, and spirit damage. When this weapon is used enemy’s fire rate decreases and is frozen. To craft, this weapon costs you many resources. Ymir Flesh 5x
Freeze Gland 5x
Ancient Bark 10x
Silver 30x
Crude Bow For an early game, this is an ideal weapon. Its damage can be enhanced when used with fire arrows. Leather Scraps 8x
Wood 10x
Porcupine This is an extremely deadly one-handed weapon. Since it is spiked, the damage dealt is both piercing and blunt. Linen Thread 10x
Needles 5x
Iron 20x
Fine Wood 5x
Draugr Fang Yet another lethal weapon. The name itself suggests that the damage dealt is a high poison effect. The effects are cast without any use of poison arrows. Guck 10x
Silver 20x
Ancient Bark 10x
Deer Hide 2x
Abyssal Harpoon This weapon is best known for dealing with pesky sea serpents and for transportation purposes.  Leather Scraps 3x
Fine Wood 8x
Chitin 30x
Abyssal Razor Knife A stealth battle awaiting you? Then don’t forget to take advantage of Abyssal Razor Knife. This weapon is highly effective in such situations.  Leather Scraps 2x
Chitin 20x
Fine Wood 4x
Valheim Stagbreaker This is the highly effective two-handed hammer you’ll ever craft in Valheim as it offers an excellent knockback feature. Leather Scraps 2x
Core Wood 20x
Deer Trophies 5x

Tier A

Do you want to create something exclusive and out of the ordinary? Then, consider the weapon mentioned in the Valheim tier list A.

Weapon Description Recipe
Huntsman Bow This is the highly effective two-handed bow in Valheim.  Iron 20x
Feathers 10x
Fine Wood 10x Deer Hide 2x
Black Metal Sword This is best suitable in close-range fights. This powerful weapon is one-handed and lightweight. Black Metal 20x Linen Thread 5x Fine Wood 2x
Black Metal Knife If your activity necessitates wandering the frightening territory, then bringing a portable yet devastating weapon is a must. It fits well here and is just one-handed. Black metal 10x Linen Thread 5x Fine Wood 4x
Black Metal Ax A one-handed weapon. It is a very well-adjusted and steady one though. Black metal 20x Fine Wood 6x
Linen Thread 5x
Black Metal Atgeir A two-handed weapon that is useful in dealing great damage on enemies. Black metal 30x Linen Thread 5x Fine Wood 10x

Tier B

Valheim weapon tier list B contains the last powerful batch of weapons. These assault weapons do not necessitate the use of scarce materials.

Weapon Description Recipe
Battle Ax This rarest weapon used in three types of melee attacks. Ancient bark 30x Iron 35x
Leather Scraps 4x
Bronze AX Highly useful in cutting trees and killing beasts only when upgraded fully. Wood 4x
Bronze 30x Leather Scraps 2x
Bronze Sword In the game this is the first sword you craft. Wood 2x
Leather Scraps 2x Bronze 8x

So, this is the most reliable and precise Valheim weapon tier list you will ever come across. Hence, make sure to bookmark the page as we will keep updating it. Also, manage the game’s inventory smartly with the Valheim Split Stack Guide.