Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3 Gun Tier List

See below for the overall Warzone gun tier list, as well as the top ten guns to use in combat.

Warzone season 3 has been rolled out introducing a brand new map to explore and some mighty weapons. I’m sure players rushed to check out the game, but end up getting confused about which weapon to use in the existing meta. With the most recent Verdansk ’84 and Rebirth Island, as well as guns, knives, and bombs from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War, it’s natural for anyone to be unsure when it comes to choosing a weapon. This is where our Warzone gun tier list and best recommendations will come in handy. Let’s proceed.

Warzone Gun Tier List

Since the new season is mostly focused on assault rifles, I’ve classified all 77 weapons into six tiers. Starting with tier S, which contains the most valuables, and ending with tier F, which contains the least valuables. You must give preference to tier S weapons followed by tier A and tier B. Tier C, and tier D weapons are average, hard to handle so try to avoid them whereas tier D weapons are useless, not worth your attention.

Tier S

  • CR-56 AMAX
  • Kar98k
  • FARA 83
  • AK-47 (Cold War)
  • Tier A

Tier A

  • Krig 6
  • RAM-7
  • FFAR 1
  • Bullfrog
  • Streetsweeper
  • Bruen Mk9
  • Grau 5.56
  • MAC-10
  • LC10
  • Stoner 63
  • HDR
  • M4A1
  • AS VAL
  • MP5 (MW)
  • MP5 (CW)
  • SP-R 208
  • Riot Shield
  • Tier C

Tier B

  • MP7
  • Kilo 141
  • M13
  • PPSH
  • Swiss K31
  • DMR 14
  • XM4
  • AX-50
  • ZRG 20mm
  • Pelington 703
  • LW3 – Tundra
  • Fennec
  • M16
  • Gallo SA12
  • PKM
  • AK-74u
  • AN-94
  • Oden
  • R9-0
  • Origin 12
  • Groza

Tier C

  • M82
  • Rytec AMR
  • AUG (CW)
  • Uzi
  • Milano
  • FAL
  • P90
  • FiNN LMG
  • RPD
  • QBZ-83
  • Type 63
  • SA87
  • VLK Rogue
  • Holger-26
  • JAK-12

Tier D

  • AK-47 (MW)
  • AUG (MW)
  • Crossbow
  • R1 Shadowhunter
  • SKS
  • PP19 Bizon
  • M60
  • MG34
  • Hauer 77
  • Model 680
  • ISO
  • Striker 45

Tier F

  • FN Scar 17
  • Draganov
  • FR 5.56
  • Rytec AMR
  • EBR 14
  • 725
  • KSP 45
  • MK2 Carbine

This is the Warzone gun tier list. Now, let’s look at the best 10 weapons to bring into battle.

Top 10 Weapons In Warzone

The following are, in my opinion, the most effective and robust weapons to use in a warzone especially considering the current meta. See how they will benefit you in your victory in this free-to-play battle royale title.


Since it blends the strength of an LMG with the mobility of an Assault Rifle, the Bruen Mk9 is extremely powerful. By exchanging the ammunition belt for a 60-round magazine, this robust weapon can be upgraded into an AR. The weapon is potent to inflict major harm on the enemies.

2. StreetsweeperWARZONE-GUN-TIER-LIST.jpg

Since it takes a while to reload, Streetsweeper is best used in solo and duo matches. When you fight with this weapon, your opponents are taken aback and you snatch their ability to strike back. Admittedly, this completely automated shotgun will help you win battles.


The LC10 is the most versatile weapon in the game. You would not be dissatisfied with this weapon because it is well-suited to any playstyle.


Because of its ranged power, this fits well as a support weapon to the Sniper Rifle. Aside from that, it’s perfect for close-range and medium-range fights. Why? Because of its incredible bullet velocity and excellent firing rate.


Its simple recoil pattern makes it the most convenient gun for dealing damage to opponents. This weapon is useful for long-range battles.


Do you know what makes the Bullfrog Warzone’s finest SMG? Its headshot multiplier and a huge magazine capacity. The best weapon for destroying any enemy in a jiffy.

7. AK-47 – Cold WarWARZONE-GUN-TIER-LIST.jpg

Who hasn’t heard of this weapon? This notable pistol is better known for its ability to target enemies at long to medium range. The only requirement is that you understand how to tackle recoil effortlessly.


This is the gun that has players fascinated with its potential to overpower long-range war. Its outstanding gunsmith deserves all of the praise.


In Warzone Season 3, this is the perfect Sniper Rifle to use. I know it’s a Marksman, but with the use of a Sniper Scope, it becomes the most lethal. Its mobility, quickness, and accuracy, as well as its best bolt time, ADS pace, one-shot headshot, and efficient bullet drop, make it ideal for a long-range fight. What else do you want?


The CR-56 AMAX is already a formidable weapon that has become ever more powerful. The only drawback is the complicated recoil, but if you can get a grip on it, then there’s assured victory in your name.

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This brings us to the end of the Warzone gun tier list and Games Adda’s top weapon choices. Kindly bookmark this page as new updates keep releasing and so do the weapon choices.