Epic Seven Tier List: All Epic 7 Heroes Ranked (January 2023)

Here is the characters tier list for Epic Seven (E7).

Epic Seven is undoubtedly one of the most popular gacha games right now. There are various reasons behind its soaring popularity and one of them is it has a plethora of characters and heroes to choose from. You have the option to choose four characters to take through the game’s turn-based combat and move forward, and there are plenty of combinations to choose from. So here we have created this tier list of the Epic Seven Heroes (E 7).

E 7: Best Epic Seven Heroes Tier List (January 2023)

Tier List Epic Seven

This tier list is actually based on how good these characters are in PvE, PvP, and just how they play overall. Without any further ado, let’s take a look:

Dark Element Heroes Tier List (Epic 7)

Tiers Hero Grade
S+ Tier Designer Lilibet 5
S Tier Sinful Angelica 4
S Tier Champion Zerato 4
S Tier Arbiter Vildred 5
S- Tier Martial Artist Ken 5
S- Tier Blood Blade Karin 4
A+ Tier Crescent Moon Rin 4
A+ Tier Roaming Warrior Leo 4
A+ Tier Kitty Clarissa 4
A Tier Inferno Khawazu 4
A Tier Chaos Sect Axe 3
A Tier Batisse 3
A Tier Wanda 3
A Tier Sven 3
A- Tier Top Model Luluca 5
A- Tier Briar Witch Iseria 5
A- Tier Fallen Cecilia 5
A- Tier Challenger Dominiel 4
A- Tier Assassin Cidd 4
A- Tier Shadow Rose 4
A- Tier All-Rounder Wanda 3
B Tier Closer Charles 5
B Tier Remnant Violet 5
B Tier Dark Corvus 5
B Tier Archdemon’s Shadow 5
B Tier Auxiliary Lots 4
B Tier Shooting Star Achates 4
B Tier Assassin Cartuja 4
B Tier Commander Lorina 3
B Tier Lorina 3
B Tier Pyllis 3
B- Tier Blood Moon Haste 5
B- Tier Specter Tenebria 5
B- Tier Apocalypse Ravi 5
B- Tier Assassin Coli 4
B- Tier Celestial Mercedes 4
B- Tier Requiemroar 3
B- Tier Great Chief Khawana 4
C Tier Ainos 3
C Tier Straze 5
C Tier Operator Sigret 5
C Tier Troublemaker Crozet 4
C Tier Hurado 3
D Tier Shadow Knight Pyllis 3
D Tier Otillie 3
D Tier Church of Ilryos Axe 3
D Tier Penelope 3

Earth Element Heroes Tier List (E7)

Tiers Hero Grade
S+ Tier Ludwig 5
S+ Tier Basar 5
S+ Tier Charles 5
S Tier Ervalen 5
S Tier Destina 5
S Tier Vivian 5
S- Tier Vildred 5
S- Tier Roana 5
A+ Tier Senya 5
A+ Tier Yufine 5
A+ Tier Ray 5
A+ Tier Purrgis 4
A Tier Leo 4
A Tier Righteous Thief Roozid 3
A Tier Ains 3
A Tier Kiris 3
A Tier Jecht 3
A Tier Kluri 3
A- Tier Bellona 5
A- Tier Mort 5
A- Tier Celine 5
A- Tier Alencia 5
A- Tier Cidd 4
B+ Tier Violet 5
B+ Tier Iseria 5
B+ Tier Pavel 5
B+ Tier Lilibet 5
B+ Tier Baiken 5
B+ Tier Rin 4
B+ Tier Lots 4
B Tier Armin 4
B Tier Mercenary Helga 3
B Tier Falconer Kluri 3
B Tier Mucacha 3
B Tier Roozid 3
B Tier Doll Maker Pearlhorizon 3
B Tier Rimuru 5
B Tier Mui 5
B- Tier Command Model Laika 5
B- Tier Zahhak 5
B- Tier Cartuja 4
B- Tier Silk 4
B- Tier Lucy 3
B- Tier Pearlhorizon 3
C Tier Adlay 3
C Tier Landy 5
C Tier Glenn 3
C Tier Ram 5
C Tier Helga 3
D Tier Adin 3
D Tier Christy 3

Epic Seven Element Tier List

Fire Element Tier List (Epic 7)

Tiers Hero Grade
S+ Tier Politis 5
S Tier Holiday Yufine 5
S Tier Tamarinne 5
S- Tier Cermia 5
A+ Tier Tenebria 5
A+ Tier Lidica 5
A+ Tier Charlotte 5
A+ Tier Cecilia 5
A+ Tier Elphelt 5
A+ Tier Sol 5
A Tier Surin 4
A Tier Dingo 4
A Tier Corvus 4
A Tier Mercedes 4
A Tier Adventurer Ras 3
A Tier Researcher Carrot 3
A Tier Mascot Hazel 3
A Tier Hataan 3
A Tier Carrot 3
A Tier Hazel 3
A Tier Azalea 3
A Tier Tieria 3
A- Tier Ras 3
A- Tier Kawerik 5
A- Tier Summertime Iseria 5
A- Tier Lilias 5
B+ Tier Aramintha 5
B+ Tier Ken 5
B+ Tier Ravi 5
B+ Tier Khawana 4
B+ Tier Achates 4
B Tier Haste 5
B Tier Kayron 5
B Tier Kizuna AI 4
B Tier Khawazu 4
B Tier Schuri 4
B Tier Chaos Inquisitor 3
B Tier Serila 4
B- Tier Judith 3
B- Tier Baal & Sezan 5
B- Tier Zealot Carmainerose 5
B- Tier Nemunas 3
B- Tier Butcher Corps Inquisitor 3
C Tier Ilynav 5
C Tier Melissa 5
C Tier Carmainerose 3
C Tier Shuna 5
C Tier Maya 4
D Tier Milim 5
D Tier Godmother 3

Ice Element Heroes Tier List (E7)

Tiers Hero Grade
S+ Tier Sez 5
S Tier Tywin 5
S Tier Seaside Bellona 5
S Tier Dizzy 5
S- Tier Angelica 4
S- Tier Krau 5
A+ Tier Eda 5
A+ Tier Fairytale Tenebria 5
A+ Tier Furious 4
A+ Tier Romann 4
A+ Tier Lua 5
A+ Tier Coli 4
A Tier Mistychain 3
A Tier Alexa 3
A Tier Flan 5
A Tier Yuna 5
A- Tier Kise 5
A- Tier Ran 5
A- Tier Diene 5
B+ Tier Sigret 5
B+ Tier Luna 5
B+ Tier Cerise 5
B+ Tier Luluca 5
B+ Tier Clarissa 4
B+ Tier Karin 4
B+ Tier Angelic Montmorancy 3
B Tier Elena 5
B Tier Choux 5
B Tier Lena 3
B Tier Jena 3
B Tier Montmorancy 3
B Tier Taranor Guard 3
B Tier Taranor Royal Guard 3
B Tier Aither 3
B- Tier Zeno 5
B- Tier Ian 3
B- Tier Chloe 5
B- Tier Dominiel 4
B- Tier Zerato 4
B- Tier Rose 4
B- Tier Bask 3
C Tier Rem 5
C Tier Emilia 5
C Tier Peira 5
C Tier Crozet 4
C Tier Rima 3
C Tier Enott 3
D Tier Muwi 3
D Tier Muse Rima 5

Light Element Heroes Tier List (Epic Seven)

Tiers Hero Grade
S+ Tier Specimen Sez 5
S+ Tier Judge Kise 5
S Tier Last Rider Krau 5
S Tier Sage Baal & Sezan 5
S Tier Blaze Dingo 4
S Tier Captain Rikoris 3
A+ Tier Magic Scholar Doris 3
A+ Tier Ruele of Light 5
A+ Tier Silver Blade Aramintha 5
A Tier Watcher Schuri 4
A Tier Ambitious Tywin 5
A Tier Conqueror Lilias 5
A Tier Little Queen Charlotte 5
A Tier Faithless Lidica 5
A- Tier Lionheart Cermia 5
A- Tier Maid Chloe 5
A- Tier Free Spirit Tieria 4
A- Tier Tempest Surin 4
A- Tier Benevolent Romann 4
B+ Tier Crimson Armin 4
B+ Tier Rikoris 3
B+ Tier Desert Jewel Basar 5
B+ Tier Wanderer Silk 4
B Tier Mirsa 3
B Tier Gunther 3
B Tier Solitaria of the Snow 5
B Tier Angel of Light Angelica 4
B Tier General Purrgis 4
B- Tier Fighter Maya 4
B- Tier Guider Aither 4
B- Tier Gloomyrain 3
B- Tier Celeste 3
B- Tier Elson 3
B- Tier Arowell 3
C Tier Belian 5
C Tier Kikirat v2 3
C Tier Sonia 3
C Tier Doris 3
C Tier Spirit Eye Celine 5
C Tier Eaton 3
D Tier Yoonryoung 3
D Tier Camilla 3

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