Best Use Of Skystone In Epic Seven

These are the best ways to spend Skystone in E7.

Skystone is an in-game microtransaction currency. They are acquired from Adventure, Mission, Daily Login, Abyss Tower, Heart of Orbis, Star Rewards, Arena, and Chest. They are the easiest currency to earn, but since they are so easy to acquire players end up having them in abundance or spending them on any random item. It’s time you utilize your resources in the right place with this best use of Skystone in the Epic Seven guide.

Epic Seven: Best Use of Skystone

Use Of Skystone In Epic Seven

  • Refresh Secret Shop: This shop has many good items which cost a reasonable amount of coins. You can purchase Covenant Marks and Mystic Medals from this shop. And it requires three Skystones to refresh the shop, which is very cheap compared to all items Secret Shop possesses.
  • Buy Energy: If you don’t have much time on your hands. And every time you take out time to play the game, your Energy gets over. Then you can buy this Energy from the in-game shop. 30 Skystones give 60 Energy.
  • Increase Inventory: You can upgrade your inventory space for artifacts, heroes, and other sections with a reasonable amount of Skystones.
  • Epic Pass Upgrade: There are two types of Epic passes in the game. The first is Premium Epic Pass which costs 900 Skystones. And second is the Special Epic Pass that costs 1800 Skystones. They give experience boost and using them increases your chance of gaining better rewards.
  • Buy Covenant Bookmarks: Bookmarks are summonings that players can use to get random heroes and artifacts. They can be between three stars to five stars. For example, four-star warrior Strak Gauntlet, three-star Cursed Compass, and five-star knight Last Rider Krau.

There are many ways to spend them in the game. But these are the best use of Skystone in Epic Seven E7. If this article was helpful to you. Then check out places to farm Fodder and locations to farm EXP.