Best Locations To Farm EXP In Epic Seven

Check out this guide to know about EXP farming in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven is an RPG game with action and adventure elements. You build your team of heroes and jump on the battlefield to fight against the Archdemon and its army. As you progress in the game, you start facing a more and more difficult enemy. So you need to gain EXP and level up fast if you want to stay OP in the battle. And here are all locations or places to get and farm EXP in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven: Best Places to Farm EXP

Places To Farm EXP In Epic Seven

There are several ways to earn experience in Epic Seven. And below are all the best locations to farm or get EXP, gear, and more to develop faster.


At present, there are four bosses: Wyvern, Golem, Azimanak, and Banshee. Wyvern is the first boss you will encounter in Boss Hunt. And the battle against them is divided into stages. These hunts can give you health, defense, attack, immunity, unity, rage, destruction, lifesteal, and counter sets. These hunts are best for gaining handy equipment and sets. Plus, you get a good amount of EXP after clearing the stages.

Side Story Stages

These stages are not very difficult to clear. But give a good amount of resources and EXP. This is a good way of earning EXP while completing the main story.

A Crack in the World

These are special stages that can only be played thrice a day. Once you complete chapter 3S, 5S, and 8S challenges, you get access to Crack in the world.

Unrecorded History

Chapter 3S: Farche Frontier World, 5S: Sun Desert World, and 8S Breezy Plain World from Episode 1 of Unrecorded History give the best EXP points.

These are all the places or locations to get or farm EXP in Epic Seven. If you found this interesting, then go ahead and read how to equip Exclusive Equipment and how to Specialty Change.