What To Do After Clearing 10-10 In Epic Seven

Here is what you need to do after completing 10-10 in E7.

Epic Seven is a South Korean action adventure RPG video game published by Smilegate. Your purpose here is to defeat Archdemon and its army to save the world from the goddess’s envious sister. You use Heroes, Fodder, Equipment, and more to achieve your goal, but what to do after clearing 10-10 of Episode 1 in Epic Seven? Check out this guide to know.

Epic Seven: What to Do After Clearing Episode 1 10-10

10-10 In Epic Seven

  • Hero Specialty Change: You unlock this unique feature which allows you to evolve your three-star Hero. When Heroes undergo Specialty Change their appearance and skills change. Most of the heroes have only one unlock requirement, which is to reach level 30 of their character. Then you can access Specialty Change Quests of that level 30 Hero.
  • Connections: Connection Heroes are free Heroes that players can get by completing the Connections quest. And one of the most useful heroes that become accessible in Episode 2 is Furious. He is a good debuffer and damage dealer.
  • Sanctuary: Sanctuary is one of the best ways to acquire extra resources. There are five structures here: Forest of Souls, Steel Workshop, High Command, Heart of Orbis, and Alchemist Steeple. The biggest asset of Sanctuary is the Heart of Orbis. You can get Skystone and Gold coins regularly by upgrading this structure.
  • Side Story: Side stories are comparatively easier, and are considered one of the best locations for farming. The items you gain from here will prove useful as you progress in the game.
  • Complete Episode 2 4-10 Emerald Garden: Once you complete this chapter, you unlock almost every unique and useful feature of the game.
  • 3-star Unrecorded History: These are another best source of farming items, EXP, and more. Chapter 3S: Farche Frontier World, 5S: Sun Desert World, and 8S Breezy Plain World from Episode 1 of Unrecorded History are EXP farming locations.

These are all the things you should do after clearing Episodes 1 10-10 in Epic Seven. Wondering where to spend Skystone or what are the best places to farm Fodder?