Echoes Of Mana: Characters Tier List (2023)

Check out this list to find out about the best Echoes of Mana characters.

Echoes of Mana is a Gacha mobile RPG from Square Enix, it uses simple control of swipe and tap. And there are many interesting featured characters from its previous stories. Some characters have different avatars too, making it even harder to choose. So here we went through all the characters and created this tier list of the best Echoes of Mana characters with avatars.

Tier List for Echoes of Mana Characters (Ranked)

Echoes Of Mana Tier List

Tier Character
S+ Tier Angela (Shining Magic Power)
S+ Tier Shiloh (Afloat with Hope)
S+ Tier Honeycomb (Knightly Aspirations)
S+ Tier Sumo (Overcoming Myriad Farewells)
S Tier Angela (Rebelling Against Fate)
S Tier Duran (Valiant Dawnbringer)
S Tier Kevin (The Beast Within)
S Tier Angela (Magic Power in Bloom)
S Tier Serafina (A World of Encounters)
S- Tier Lekius (Guardian’s Resolve)
S- Tier Riesz (Search for a Brother)
S- Tier Julius (Tactical Mage of Manipulation)
A+ Tier Mousseline (Que Sera Sera)
A+ Tier Charlotte (Fifteen in the Flush of Youth)
A+ Tier Ludgar (Body of Practical Study)
A+ Tier Larc (The Conqueror)
A Tier Ferrik (Beyond the Great Calamity)
A Tier Lady Blackpearl (Jumi’s Finest)
A Tier Sumo (Resolve Renewed)
A Tier Popoi (Headed for the Home Village)
A Tier Randi (Fate by Fluke)
A Tier Amanda (For Affection’s Sake)
A-Tier Charlotte (Whiz & Beauty)
A-Tier Serafina (A Sprouting Encounter)
A-Tier Popoi (I’m the Boss!)
A-Tier Julius (Hidden Ambitions)
B+ Tier Hawkeye (Pride of Thieves)
B+ Tier Sierra (Unyielding Loyalty)
B+ Tier Primm (Lovely Rowdy Lass)
B+ Tier Hawkeye (Sentiments for a Friend)
B+ Tier Serafina (Guided by Calling Dreams)
B Tier Elazul (Young Jumi Knight)
B Tier Keldric (Guided by the Great Tree)
B Tier Duran (Young Soldier of Valsena)
B Tier Niccolo (Smile for Mew!)
B Tier Angela (Winter Wishes)
B Tier Riesz (True Steel)
B Tier Sumo (Swordsman Starting Out)
B Tier Thanatos (Stealthy Shadow)
B Tier Dark Lord (Ruler of the Realm)
C Tier Primm (New Year Maiden)
C Tier Wanderer (The Niccolo Vagabond)
C Tier Sierra (Proud Dragoon)
C Tier Shiloh (Weaver of Fantasies)
D Tier Kevin (To Save a Friend)
D Tier Lekius (Unwavering Friendship)

These are all the top characters and their avatars tier list for Echoes of Mana. Wondering how to ascend heroes and how to reroll. Follow the above links.