Echoes Of Mana: How To Ascend Characters?

Tired of rerolling and not getting 4 or 5 star characters?

Echoes of Mana is a game by Square Enix which is now available for download on Android and iOS. This game has a lot of characters with varying degrees of rarity. While 4 to 5-star characters perform a lot better, they are much harder to acquire than characters with lower stars. However, it is possible to ascend characters and improve their star level in Echoes of Mana. Players wondering how they can ascend their characters in Echoes of Mana will find their answers below.

How To Ascend Characters In Echoes Of Mana?



Players looking to ascend their characters will need another character of the same star level to give up. The higher the star level of the character, the more characters players will have to use to ascend. When players ascend their characters, they also increase the maximum character level and the base stats for that character.

  • Players first need to start Echoes Of Mana and open their list of characters. This can be done by pressing the Ally button in the main menu.
  • Next, players will need to select the character they want to ascend.
  • If players have enough characters of the same star level, they will see an Ascend ready notification above the Ascend option.



  • Players will now need to click Ascend and select the characters that they are giving up to ascend their character. As we mentioned above, the character will need to be of the same star level as the character players want to ascend.
  • Press Ascend and confirm it.
  • This will ascend the character and it will receive an additional star. Moreover, players will also get an increased maximum level for the character.

In case players do not like any of the characters they have, they can always choose to reroll in the game. Here’s How To Reroll In Echoes Of Mana?