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How To Reroll In Echoes Of Mana?

Didn't get the character you wanted in Echoes Of Mana?

Square Enix’s Mobile RPG Echoes of Mana has a Gacha mechanics where players can pull for characters. However, often players do not get the pull they wanted. In such cases, players want to reroll for new characters till they get the one they want. In this guide, we will explain how players can reroll for the characters they want after their rerolls in Echoes Of Mana have run out.

How Does Reroll Work In Echoes of Mana?


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To reroll in echoes of Mana, players can simply follow the steps given below.

  • Start a new game in Echoes of Man and complete the tutorial stage. Skip over the cutscenes to make the process faster.
  • Use the free pull and proceed to complete the team tutorial.
  • After the tutorials are done, players can get the log-in bonuses and pre-registration rewards.
  • These can be used to perform two ten-pull summons in the Rate Up banner.
  • Use the four-star ticket.
  • Players that have unlocked the beginner banner(Harvest) can reroll as many times as they like. However, it will only have 3-star characters.
  • If players didn’t get the character they were hoping for, they can go back to the main menu.
  • Here, they can select User Services and click on Delete User Data. Once players click Confirm their game will reset and they can go through the whole process again to get the characters they would like.

The good thing about reroll in Echoes of Mana is that players do not need to delete the entire game and reinstall it to be able to reroll. Players can just delete their game data directly from the game and continue rerolling till they are satisfied with the results.

This is how reroll works in Echoes of Mana. Players looking to make fast gold in the game will find How To Get Lucre (Gold) In Echoes Of Mana Fast? useful for them.