What Does WSG Mean On Snapchat (2023)

Find out all the different meanings behind the term.

Snapchat is an instant messaging service that is quite popular with young users. Over time, the messaging service has developed a language of its own that is full of acronyms. While it is a fun way to get the message across quickly, new users often find themselves at a disadvantage when interacting on the platform. Terms like WSG, SB, and PU often confuse new Snapchat users. Today, we will explain what the term WSG means on Snapchat.

The Meaning Of WSG On Snapchat


There can be multiple meanings behind the WSG acronym on Snapchat. However, the most common meaning of WSG is What’s Good and this is the context it is mostly used in on Snapchat. It can be used as a greeting or to ask a specific question from other users. It can serve as an informal replacement for questions like how are you or what are you doing.

While What’s Good is the most common meaning of the acronym, it can also refer to other things. WSG is also an acronym for terms like White Girl Status and With Special Guest. These are obviously a lot narrower in their context and can only be used on special occasions. Users will have to decide what the term means depending on the situation it is being used in. If the conversation is just starting or quite random, it is safe to assume that users are referring to the first meaning of the word.

There are multiple ways to use this term in a conversation. It can be used as a greeting but it can also be used to ask a question. For example, users can ask other Snapchat users What’s Good in a city they are visiting. They can inquire about a restaurant or movie. In conclusion, WSG can be used both as a greeting and a question.

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