What Does SB And PU Mean On Snapchat

Wondering what SB and PU mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is an instant messaging app that has developed its own vocabulary over time. There are many terms that may confuse users trying to use the app for the first time. While terms like SB and PU are quite common for regular Snapchat users, they can bewilder new users. To rectify this situation, we have explained some common Snapchat terms and their meaning below.

What Does SB Mean On Snapchat?


SB is a term that stands for Snap Back in Snapchat. It is a feature that allows users to know other users that want to exchange Snaps with them. For example, if a user receives an SB (Snap Back) from another Snapchat user, it indicates that this user wants them to send a Snap back to them. Another variation of SB is ESB which stands for Everybody Snap Back. It is commonly used in group conversations to ask everyone in the group to respond back with a Snap.

What PU Stands For On Snapchat?

PU is another common term on Snapchat. It stands for Pop Up. This is sent by Snapchat users when they want to ask another user to text them. The phrase is derived from pop-up messages and the way notifications commonly appear on phone screens.

Besides these, there are several other ambiguous terms that are used on Snapchat. SMO is another such abbreviation. It can have two meanings on Snapchat. Serious Mode One or Shout Me Out. Serious Mode One is used when users are trying to have a serious conversation on Snapchat. Since the site generally has a frivolous atmosphere, SMO seems like a good indication when users want to have a more somber conversation. On the other hand, Shout Me Out is used when a users wants another user to give them a Shout Out or credit for something.

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