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How To Get Emission In A One Piece Game (AOPG)

Here is how to get Emission in AOPG.

One Piece is one of the most popular manga and anime series of all time. Its fanbase is all over the globe and is popular in all age groups. It is a long series with numerous interesting locations, skills, bosses, and more. One of the most popular skills or techniques is emission. If you are new Nakama and are confused about this skill. Then check out this guide on how to get Emissions in A One Piece Game.

What is Emission? How to Learn It in A One Piece Game

Get Emission In AOPG
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Emission is a Busoshoku Haki or Armament Haki advanced skill. This technique allows players to deal damage on the enemy without actually touching them, and you can attack multiple enemies at once. This is especially useful when you are hitting or dealing with multiple enemies and have no time to waste on them. Now let us learn how you can get Emission.

How to Get Armament Haki and Emission in Game

The process for obtaining Emission is lengthy. You first need to have Basic Armament Haki and then complete two quests to get Emission. So first go to the Starter Island and get to Random Wilderness. There you will see Rayleigh. Talk to him, and he will ask for 700K to teach Armament Haki. Pay him and Get it. Now you will need to obtain 1700 Haki levels to access both quests. You can level up Haki by using it.

Once you have reached the required level of Haki, go to the Second Sea Zou Island. There you will find Armament Haki Trainer and Observation Haki Trainer. Talk to them, and you will get your first quest of defeating Rookie Blackbeard Pirate and Experience Blackbeard Pirate. Complete the mission and report back to them. You will unlock Advanced Armament Haki and the Second quest, similar to the first one. But this quest will require you to have a 2500 Haki level. After completing this quest, you will unlock Internal Armament, Emission, and Future Sight Haki. And be able to learn them from Haki.

This is all you need to do to get Emission and Armament Haki in A One Piece Game. Since you are already here, go ahead and check out how to level up fast and how to get Beli in AOPG.