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How To Level Up Fast In A One Piece Game (AOPG)

Here is how to level up quickly in AOPG.

A One Piece Game is a part of the Roblox community with many active players, based on the famous manga and anime series One Piece. And it has been popular among anime and manga lovers. There are many interesting locations, Raid bosses, and equipment that will remind you of the series. So if you are part of the One Piece fan club and are looking to level up fast in A One Piece game to prove your power. Then this guide is for you.

Ways to Earn Exp and Level Up Fast in A One Piece Game

Level Up Fast In AOPG

Focus on Stats

The player’s stats are divided into Strength, Stamina, Defence, Sword, Gun, Haki, and Fruit. It is important to focus on the Defense, Stamina, Haki, and Strength stats. The defense should be your primary focus. A strong defense will help you in AFK grinding. And strangely the best way to boost defense is getting hit by NPCs.

Luffy Island

Defeating Mountain Bandit and Luffy from Luffy Island provide you with one of the best EXP. It is recommended that you use the AFK method here. But only if you are strong enough to defeat them with ease. If not try to gain resources and skills from the below method and then use this way to earn EXP fast.

Use Active Codes to Earn Faster in AOPG

  • SupportBossStudios
  • AGiftFromAndre
  • FromBoss
  • AndresGiftForAll!
  • StorageChanges9
  • StorageChanges10
  • StorageChanges4
  • StorageChanges5
  • StorageChanges6
  • StorageChanges1
  • StorageChanges2
  • StorageChanges3
  • StorageChanges7
  • StorageChanges8
  • HereYouGo
  • NewBossStudiosYear!
  • GoodLuck
  • mhmchristmas22
  • XuryGivesRaceLuck
  • BossChristMasRace
  • FreeSpin1235
  • Shutdown4Fixes121
  • BossSpin
  • XurySpin
  • BST4D8IO0210!
  • BugFixes164
  • Fixes172
  • FollowInsta163
  • FreeSpin12

Phoenix Nest

Phoenix Nest has Marco and Katakuri. Both of them give a lot of EXP and Beli. And it is highly recommended that you purchase quest scrolls from Xurysenpai. Having more quest slots will allow you to get the best amount in less time.

These are all the fastest ways to level up quickly in A One Piece Game. If this guide was helpful to you. Then check out how to Beli or money and Trello & Wiki guide.