How To Farm Beli Fast In A One Piece Game (AOPG)

Here is how to earn Beli in AOPG.

Beli is A One Piece Game currency used for microtransactions of goods like weapons, fruits, fighting style, and more. There are many ways of obtaining Beli in A One Piece Game, and here are some fastest and easiest ways to get them.

Ways to Get Money or Beli in A One Piece Game

Get Money In AOPG

The simplest method of earning Beli or money in A One Piece Game is through Codes. But codes have a time limit, and you can find them on the game’s official Roblox page. Apart from this, there are several other ways of obtaining money here. Such as Raid, Marco, and Mobs. Let us now learn about them in detail.


Raids are one of the best ways to earn EXP and Beli. For now, there are 9 raids that players can access. Law Raid, Candy Raid, Shanks Raid, Gear 4 Dungeon, Maze, and Fujitora Raid are part of the First Sea. And Aokiji Raid, Big Mom Raid, and First Sea’s raid Gear 4 Dungeon are part of Second Sea Raid. Aokijin Raid is considered the most resourceful location to earn EXP and Beli. Apart from that, Aokiji gives Devil Fruit and occasionally Ice Scrolls.

Marco – Fastest Way to Earn Beli

Marco gives a huge amount of Beli after defeat. So it is recommended that you unlock multiple quests. You can have up to five quests at one time, by purchasing a quest scroll from Xurysenpai. The scroll can be bought from Starter Island. To get this Marco quest go to the Phoenix Nest and talk to Quest Dummy. He will give you the task of eliminating Marco. Fill your quest quota with it, as the reward is more than 2 million Beli per Marco quest.

Defeating Mobs – Easiest Way to Get Money

There are many Mobs in the game. Some are easy to defeat, while others are tough to fight. The amount that we get from defeating Mobs will vary with their power. Such as one Monkey mob gives B$10, and a Marine can give B$40. You can use AFK farming or grinding methods in such scenarios. As it will save you time and you can perform it with ease.

These were some of the easiest, fastest and simplest methods of obtaining Beli in A One Piece Game. Looking for more such guides. Check Out the same game’s Fruit tier list and Trello & Wiki guide.