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A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List (January 2023)

A One Piece Game is inspired by the One Piece franchise

A One Piece Game is a Roblox title that takes inspiration from the One Piece franchise. Players get to live the pirate life as they travel through the game on the quest for treasure. There are several challenges to complete in the game. To make this task a little easier for our players, we have put together this A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List.

Fruits can be purchased from the merchant in the game. Players also have a small chance of finding them in the chest. So, what are the best fruits in A One Piece Game? Find out below.

A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List


We have put the fruits in S to C Tier. The S Tier Fruits are really great for both PvP and farming. Similarly, the A Tier Fruits can also give a great performance in both farming and PvP. B Tier Fruits are average, meaning that while they won’t be outstanding they still have decent potential. However, Fruits in C-Tier are not of much use in the game. With that in mind let us dive straight in with the S Tier Fruits in A One Piece Game.

S Tier

Phoneix Fruit

Arguably one of the best Fruit in the game currently. This is a rare Fruit that can absolutely decimate in the game.

Lightning Fruit

A great fruit overall, the Lightning Fruit especially stands out in PvP.

Operation Fruit

This Fruit has good damage capabilities and is quite common to top it off. However, it is not a great Fruit for beginners.

A Tier

Light Fruit

A great Fruit for progressing through the game.

Fire Fruit

Great for both PvP and farming, Fire Fruit is a solid A Tier Fruit.

Ice Fruit

Much like Fire, the Ice Fruit is also a great fruit for both farming and PvP.

B Tier

Magma Fruit

Players can get a decent performance out of this fruit in both PvP and farming. However, it just doesn’t have the power factor of the Fruits from other Tiers.

C Tier

Barrier Fruit

This Fruit fades in comparison to the rest of the Fruits on the list. It just doesn’t stand out for any purpose.

Invisible Fruit

Not only does this fruit not have any advantages except invisibility, but the move set is also limited.

That is our A One Piece Game Fruit Tier List. For more Roblox Tier Lists, check out our Roblox: Shindo Life Elements Tier List.