Pokemon Unite: How To Cancel Moves?

Want to Cancel moves in Pokemon Unite? Check out this guide.

While playing Pokemon Unite, you must have played with more than one Pokemon in battle. All Pokemon have their own move sets that you can use. However, what if you wrongly chose a move and don’t know how to avert it? Well, you need not worry because the developers have got your back here. There is a provision in the game where you can cancel your moves in Pokemon Unite. If you didn’t know about this, through this guide you will. All you have to do is simply read along with this guide and you will be on your way to canceling the moves wrongly applied.

How to Cancel Moves in Pokemon Unite?

Cancel Moves in Pokemon Unite

In this guide, you will learn how to cancel moves in Pokemon Unite on two devices, a Nintendo Switch, and a Mobile phone. Just focus on the guide further and you will know the solution to your query. As this game can be played on multiple platforms, you must know how to disable moves on both platforms.

Below, we have mentioned the steps to cancel moves in the game on Nintendo Switch during a battle.

  • Launch Pokemon Unite on your device
  • On the main screen, start the battle
  • Upgrade the level of your Pokemon to use moves
  • Once you’re about to use the move, Press B on your console
  • Press the ability you want to cancel and release B

In this manner, you will be able to disable your move. Just in case, if you don’t have Nintendo Switch and are playing the game on a Mobile Phone. Worry not for we have got you covered. Follow the steps given below to cancel moves on a phone.

  • Open Pokemon Unite on your device
  • On the main screen, click on Unite Battle
  • Level up your Pokemon to use the moves
  • While tapping on the move, Long press the button and drag it to an X on the screen

In this way, you can disable moves in the game during battle. Now that you know how to cancel moves in Pokemon Unite on both platforms, why don’t you go ahead and try it out for yourself?

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