How To Make Pokemon Stronger In Pokemon GO

Looking for a way to strengthen your Pokemon? Here is what you need.

The game has over 900 Pokemons as of now. Making it hard to select the one you want to stick to in the longer run, also discarding old Pokemon just because you found the stronger one doesn’t feel good. So, if you are facing this dilemma too, then rather than leaving them, you can make those Pokemon stronger in Pokemon GO with help of this guide.

Pokemon GO: How to Make Pokemon Stronger

Make Pokemon Stronger In Pokemon GO

There are prominently two ways to make your Pokemon stronger in Pokemon GO. The first way is Power Up and the second is Evolve. You can see these options on the info window of your Pokemon.

Powering up requires Stardust and Candy. You can increase the CP and HP of your Pokemon by powering them up. There are many methods through which you can acquire Stardust. Such as catching a pokemon every day, if you keep on catching Pokemon for 7 days you will 1800 Stardust. You can also get Stardust by hatching an egg. And the amount of Stardust that will be received in the hatch differs with the Km. Such as 5 Km gives about 600 to 1600 Stardust and 12 Km gives about 3200 to 6400 Stardust.

Every Pokemon Evolution family has its specific Candy, which is unique to their species. Such as Eevee has Eevee Candy. Now talking about how you can gather these candies. There are several methods like catching a new Pokemon of that family, transferring it to Professor Willow, hatching, evolving, trading, feeding in Gym, and walking. To Power Up a Pokemon, go to the Main Menu. Hit the Pokemon button, then scroll and select the Pokemon. Finally, tap the Power Up button on the info window of that Pokemon.

Evolving is a little trickier than Power Up. As evolution requirements vary with generation, type, and family. Some Pokemon can only evolve at night, while some only in the day. Some need you to walk for miles, while some want you to turn your phone upside down.

Hopefully, this article on how to make Pokemon Stronger was knowledgeable for you. If it was, then go ahead and check out how to make Buddy Excited and how to quick catch.