How To Make Buddy Excited In Pokemon GO

Check out this guide to get your buddy excited.

Buddies in Pokemon GO have several moods. And the most positive mood is Excited. When your buddy is excited it will reduce the collection time of buddy candy and double the hearts on every activity except Bonus. These moods are decided by AP or Affection Points, where 32 AP is excited. Improving your buddy’s mood also helps in improving your buddy’s level. Wondering how you can get your Buddy excited in Pokemon GO, check out this guide.

Pokemon GO: How to Make Buddy Excited or Improve Its Mood

Make Buddy Excited In Pokemon GO

The simplest way to improve the mood of your buddy is through interactive activities. The more you interact with your Buddy, the better its mood will get. And you have to do it regularly as moods can drop. There are seven moods that your Buddy has; Tired, Dull, Normal, Happy, Smile, Fun, and Excited. Many activities can lift the mood of your Pokemon. But these activities have a 30-minute cooldown period except for walking. So, we have listed below some best activities you can perform with your buddy.


Walking for about 2 Km or more can give you about 4 Affection Points. It is one of the easiest activities and has no cooldown period.


There are two ways to treat your buddy. You can either feed them Berry in AR mode or Quick Treat mode. Feed till you fill the hunger meter on top of the screen in AR mode. When it gets full, you will receive the Affection Points. If you want a shortcut, then feed it a Poffin, and you will get AP in an instant. This activity gives about 2 Affection Points.

Playing Together

It is an effortless method. You just have to stroke your buddy in AR mode till they start jumping with happiness. And you can earn 2 AP from this activity.

Completing a Battle

You can fight with it in Gym, Raid, Team GO Rocket, or Trainer battles. This activity gives about 2 Affection Points.

Open a Buddy Gift

Buddy sometimes brings you gifts. You can open them to earn about 4 Affection Points.

Taking a Snapshot

You can take Snapshots in AR mode by hitting the camera icon at the bottom of your screen. This activity can give you about 4 AP.

Here are all the best activities you can perform to make your Buddy excited in Pokemon GO. Also, check out how to attack faster and how to fast catch.