How To Hatch Riolu In Pokemon GO

Want to hatch Riolu? Read this guide.

Riolu is a Generation 4 Fighting-type Pokemon that is weak towards Fairy, Flying, and Psychic types. And it is resistant to Bug, Dark, and Rock types of attack. Its Quick moves are Quick Attack and Counter. And Main moves are Cross Chop, Low Sheep, and Brick Break. Check out this guide if you are wondering how you can get and hatch Riolu in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: How to Get and Hatch Riolu

Hatch Riolu In Pokemon GO

As of now, Lucario has not been reported in the wild, so you cannot catch it. The only way to obtain this Pokemon is by evolving it from Riolu. And Riolu is not easy to obtain, plus it takes a good amount of time to hatch. So far, we have three methods to get Riolu, the first is to obtain it from Adventure Sync, then from Gifts, and lastly from PokeStops.

Currently, the best way to obtain Riolu is through Adventure Sync. And it is only available in 10 Km Eggs of Adventure Sync Reward. The first thing that you need to do is to go into the Eggs section and check that you have sufficient slots for new ones. Now you need to walk more than 50 Km every week. At the end of the weekly sync, you will get one 5 Km and one 10 Km Egg as a reward. Now walk 10 Km to hatch the Egg. The chances of getting Riolu from this method are 1/6.

Gift Eggs are received from Gifts that your Trainer friend sends you. The chance of getting Eggs that have Riolu is hardly even 1 percent from this method, but it’s worth a try. Now how to check if you have received a gift or not. For that, go to the Main Menu and tap on your Profile, now go to the Friends tab. Friends that have sent you Gifts will have a Gift icon beside them. Open your Gift and check if you have got any Eggs.

The last method has the lowest chance of the three, about 1 in 143 Eggs. Since no one knows which Pokemon will be inside the Egg. You receive these Eggs randomly at PokeStops, most of the time you get 2 Km, 5 Km, and 10 Km requirement Eggs. And the chance of getting Riolu is in the 10 Km Egg. Once you have obtained a 10 Km Egg, walk and hatch it to see if you found your Pokemon.

Hopefully, you got to hatch Riolu in Pokemon GO, if you did, then check out our other articles on how to get Super Rocket Radar and how to add PokeStop.