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How To Add PokeStop In Pokemon GO

Here is how you nominate a PokeStop in Pokemon GO.

PokéStops and Gyms give you Poké Balls, Potions, Eggs, and other items. They are easy to use and are always accessible to the Trainers. Even though there are many PokeStops, some places and locations in several countries do not have access to sufficient PokeStops. Due to this, Niantic came up with the solution of nominating or submitting a PokeStop. And here is how you can add PokeStop in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: How to Submit or Add PokeStop

Add PokeStop In Pokemon GO

It is an easy process, but many steps make it hard, plus only players at level 37 or above can send these suggestions. And once you have submitted the entry it will get reviewed and evaluated by the Niantic player community, where high ratings will get accepted. Follow these steps to submit the nomination.

  • Go to the place or location you want to add as PokeStop.
  • Open your Pokemon GO app there and tap on the Main Menu.
  • Now go to Settings, scroll, and select the “New PokéStop” option.
  • Now, set the location by going on the map, there you will see an orange pin on your nomination.
  • Drag the pin to the exact location, but remember if you are too near to any other PokeStop, then your nomination will get rejected.
  • Once you have pinned the exact location, tap on the Confirm button.
  • Now take a photo of that place, make it as clear as possible, and avoid people, body parts, live animals, or copyrighted objects/materials.
  • Take surrounding photos, these pictures will not appear in the game and will only be used for the review.
  • Finally, give your location a fitting title and add a description. Make sure that your description does not contain HTML or URLs, usernames, nicknames, or game-specific terms like Raid or PokeStop. You can add that location’s history, origin, and background.
  • Now preview your submission and submit it by choosing “Confirm“.
  • You are all done now just wait for the review.

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