How To Get Super Rocket Radar In Pokemon GO

This is how you can obtain Super Rocket Radar.

Super Rocket Radar are items that we use to track down the location of Team GO Rocket’s headquarters. There is a chance that you will encounter Team Go Rocket’s Boss Giovanni in that location, which makes it one of the most useful items of the game. But, there are many questions regarding how you can obtain or get Super Rocket Radar in Pokemon GO, so read this guide to know the answers.

Pokemon GO: How to Obtain or Get Super Rocket Radar

Obtain Super Rocket Radar In Pokemon GO

The best way to obtain these Super Rocket Radars is through Special Research tasks. This type of Special Research usually gives the task of defeating Team GO Rocket leader Arlo, Rocket leader Cliff, and Rocket leader Sierra. This Research is known as Giovanni Special Research.

As you might know, Giovanni comes with new Shadow Pokemon every interval of a few months, so if you are thinking of saving the Super Rocket Radar to use on the new Giovanni Research to obtain the Shadow Pokemon you were looking for. Then you might have to get disappointed. As sometimes you do not get a new Giovanni Special Research unless you have completed the old one. And if you have two Special Research with Defeat the Team GO Rocket Boss as a task, then you might be able to save one of your Super Rocket Radar by defeating it only once and completing both tasks.

You can equip Super Rocket Radar just like any Rocket Radar. Once equipped, you will see many locations on your Map. Where all of them except one is actual Hideout of Giovanni and others are just decoys. So you will have to visit and investigate all these PokéStops. Their stops are black and have an R symbol on them.

Hopefully, you successfully obtained the Super Rocket Radar in Pokemon GO and defeated Giovanni to capture the new Shadow Pokemon. Since you have already come this far, go ahead and check how to add PokeStop and how to disable AR.