How To Max Emblems Fast In Mobile Legends

Looking for faster ways to upgrade and max your hero emblem in Mobile Legends? here's how to do it.

In Mobile Legends, Emblems are enhancements that you can use for your game hero to give them more attributes and additional power. There are 6 categories of emblems in the game, each with its own set of bonuses. Along with that, these emblems can be upgraded, making them more effective and also unlocking other emblems. This guide will walk you through how to upgrade and max these emblems in Mobile Legends.

How to Upgrade Emblems Faster in Mobile Legends


Emblems are upgraded through the emblem fragments, There are numerous ways through which players can receive these fragments throughout the game. Below are a few ways by which you can do this quickly.

Become Mentor

In Mobile Legends, becoming a mentor for other players gives you a lot of additional benefits and rewards. More of these rewards have a lot of magic dust and emblems frags in them. Alternatively, you can just join the mentorship and find yourself a mentor. Here you’ll find magic dust by completing the tasks, opening chests, etc.

Battle Points

This is the easy way to earn Emblem fragments, with battle points you have the option to purchase these fragments for your needed emblems to level up and upgrade.

Lucky Standard Emblems Chest

One of the best value-for-money options in the game, the emblems chest can get you up to 210 magic dust with spending 800 battle points (BP). However, this chest can only be brought 5 times a week, giving you a constant supply of magic dust.

Complete In-game Achievements

As you play your games and win battles regularly, you are continuously completing requirements for various types of achievement. Completing such achievement rewards in frags and magic dust. Further, the dust can be used to buy more frag and upgrade the emblems.

One quick piece of advice from our side is to max out your main heroes’ emblem first. Since in the beginning, the resources you have are limited, you don’t have many fragments to use everywhere. Once your main hero has upgraded emblems, you have the upper hand in the game, giving you the opportunity to earn more rewards and even emblem fragments as well.

That’s everything you need to know on how to upgrade and max the emblems fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. If are interested in ranking up fast in MLBB or check how to access and play on the Advance server on this game to play the latest update of the game. Moreover, you can go through the dedicated Mobile Legends section for more such tips and guides.