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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: How To Rank Up Fast

Want to rank up faster in MLBB, read this guide.

Not all games are won by luck. As even luck-based games can be excelled with proper planning. You need to know when to spend your resources and when to avoid using them. Every little aspect from the daily quest to the settings plays a crucial role in leveling up. Here are all the ways to rank up fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

How to Rank Up Fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Level Up Fast In MLBB

Here are some things that you should always pay attention to and things that you should avoid in MLBB.

No Solo Leveling

It is always better to play as a team to get the upper hand over the enemy. Because no matter how good you are, every player plays a different role, where with proper and planned coordination even the weakest rankers can defeat a high-ranking enemy. But choose your team wisely, not always going for ranks but also those capable of team fights.

Study Your Emblem, Build, and Hero

Players usually don’t pay much attention to this aspect. But proper utilization of your resources is helpful. Many players occupy anything that looks powerful without knowing its usage. Since there are many heroes, you do not need to know the pros and cons of all of them but those you plan to level up. For example, the cooling period differs, and jumping on the battlefield without knowing their cooling period will give a disadvantage.

Complete Daily Quests

There are many types of quests. Including easy ones that give good rewards, such as watching an ad, which is not a big deal, but you get a free item in exchange. No matter how small or large the reward is, it is free and will help. By completing your daily goal, you also increase your chance of getting weekly rewards.

Collect Free XP From Chests

It gives you a free chest every eight hours. So even if you miss one, you can still take a few minutes to open two chests daily.

Here you learned how to level up or rank up fast in Mobile Legends Bang Bang with do’s and don’ts. Check out this another article on how to secure your account in MLBB.