How to Get Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends

Mythic Rank is one of the top ranks in MLBB. Here's how you can get there.

Mythic Rank is one of the apex ranks in the roster of MLBB. In this tier, you will only encounter experienced and pro players. You have to work harder if you want to get Mythic rank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

All you need to do is upgrade your gameplay and ace your moves against the enemies. Below, we have elaborated a few tips for you to go through to achieve mythic rank in MLBB.

How to Reach Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Here are some of the tips to get Mythic rank in Mobile Legend Bang Bang. Check these out before playing.

  • Play Matches (Solo, Duo, 5v5)
  • Master Heroes
  • Choose Appropriate Lanes
  • Focus on Hero Builds

Play Matches (Solo, Duo, 5v5)

Get Mythic Rank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

The more matches you play, the more you understand about the game. You can play Solo as it is easier to push ranks. But it might be time-consuming. You can play with friends in the Duo or 5v5 mode, in this way you can progress faster.

Also, make sure you play Ranked matches more than you play the Classic. You can play Classic to polish your skills, but focus on the ranked ones to advance further. This will help you reach Mythic rank in MLBB easier for you.

Master Heroes

Achieve Mythic Rank in MLBB

You have a plethora of heroes to try from multiple roles. Make sure to be familiar with all the heroes before you attempt to achieve Mythic rank in MLBB. Each hero has its own ability, skillset, and advantages.

If you are playing in a squad, choose from the best heroes in MLBB that will contribute with your team’s heroes. And to get a better judgement of that, you need to play matches.

Choose Appropriate Lanes

Choose Lanes Wisely

Not all heroes are effective on all lanes. So, you need to know which lane to pick while choosing the hero. Also, you must understand the map profoundly to choose the most effective lane suitable to your gameplay. It will also help you while creating your build. Here, you can learn a few laning tips in MLBB.

Focus on Hero Builds

Complete Hero Builds
Image credits: Axe Mobile Legends on YouTube

Some heroes are better when equipped with their builds. In such cases, you should prioritize farming items and gold. Many players don’t focus on creating builds, however, this step can help you ace your gameplay.

These are some of the tips and tricks to get Mythic rank in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Go ahead and form unique strategies to become to best player in the game.