Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Laning Tips To Play?

Want to learn the best laning tips to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang? This guide is for you.

If you’ve played MOBA games earlier, you know important it is to mind the lanes while in battles. Staying in the lane that suits your character can give you a subtle advantage. So, in this guide we have mentioned some of the best laning tips to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Read along with this guide and you’ll understand the format of the game more clearly.

What are the Best Laning Tips in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Best Laning Tips

In this guide, we have covered some of the best laning tips in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Firstly, there are 3 lanes that cover the whole map. Those three lanes are created keeping in mind the various strengths and requirements of the different roles of heroes. Read along with this guide to learn more about these lanes on the map. The names of the three lanes are as follows,

  • Gold
  • Mid
  • Experience

Gold Lane

Gold Lane is the top lane of the map and it is connected to Mid lane. Now, on each lane, you will find turrets that deal considerable damage to your heroes and also hold various rewards. You will find a Cannon Minion that disperses Gold upon being destroyed. As the name suggests, Gold Lane holds more gold and items than other lanes.

Usually, the Gold Laners choose this lane to farm items for their heroes. If you’re wondering what role to choose while wandering this lane, you should go for the Marksman role heroes. These heroes need to farm first and attack once they’re strengthened.

Mid Lane

Mid Lane is the most dangerous lane on the map because it is prone to attacks. Also, this lane is connected to the rest of the two lanes on the map. In this lane, you will find enemy heroes roaming around, waiting for their prey to show up. Hence, this lane is usually preferred by the more experienced players that can handle difficult situations.

If you’re someone who loves action, you should select Mage heroes. Mage heroes are an apt choice to master this lane on the map. Remember that mid-laners are basically the all-rounders of the map. It means that you will have to roam on the other two lanes as well to make a perimeter and analyze the dangers on each lane.

Experience Lane

Experience Lane is the bottom lane on the map. As the name suggests, you will be able to collect more Exp points on this lane. The Exp points are needed to level up your hero to strengthen them. You will find a Cannon Minion that leaves behind loads of Exp points upon decimation. If you’re someone who is keen to play on this lane, you should choose Fighter heroes as they need to level up to gain more power.

These are some of the best laning tips in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Understanding the map is one of the most important tips you’ll ever learn. By doing so, you can improvise your attacks and lead your team to victory.

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