Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Support Heroes?

Want to know about the best support in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Check this guide out.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a MOBA game where you can select your heroes as per their roles. In this guide, we have covered some of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Apart from support, the other roles are Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Fighter, and Mage. Read along with this guide further to learn more about the support characters.

What are the Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?


Support Characters are the heroes that defend other teammates and allies. You can either heal them while under attack or deflect the attack by absorbing the damage. Usually, the support heroes are the ones that linger in the mid-lane so that they can cover the distance quickly and help other heroes. Below, you will find the mentioned support heroes in MLBB.

  • Mathilda
  • Lolita
  • Rafaela
  • Diggie
  • Angela


Mathilda Support Hero

Mathilda is one of the great choices when it comes to selecting a support hero. Her HP is 2651 and her physical Defense is 22. Her abilities include Soul Bloom and Guiding Wind. And her ultimate is Circling Eagle. With the help of her skills, she can help and heal other teammates and attack enemies as well.


Lolita in MLBB

Lolita has 2579 HP and 27 physical defense. Although she is a steel elf with her skills and abilities she can make all the difference in the game. Her passive skill Noumenon Energy core can grant a shield to the nearby allies when active. Her other skills include Charge and Guardian’s Bulwark. The ultimate skill of Lolita is called Noumenon Blast which is used to slow down enemies and inflict enhanced damage.


Rafaela in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Rafaela is also a considerable option among support heroes. Her HP is 2441 and her Physical defense is 15. Her passive ability is called Deity Penalization and her skills are Light of Retribution and Holy Healing. The former skill helps to slow down enemies and inflict increased damage of 20% of the opponent’s max HP. The latter skill helps to heal herself and the nearby allies, giving them a top-up of HP.


Diggie in Mobile Legends BB

Diggie is the timekeeper in the game and is an owl. Its HP is 2468 and its Physical defense is 20. Diggie’s passive ability, Young Again, allows it to revive in battle upon being killed. It turns into an egg and breaks out in a short while. Its other skills include Auto Alarm Bomb and Reverse Time. Its ultimate skill is called Time Journey in which it can generate a shield for itself and nearby allies.


Angela in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Angela‘s HP is 2421 and her Physical defense is 15. The stats appear to be lower than other heroes but her skills can do wonders on the battlefield. The passive skill, Smart Heart, increases the movement speed of her and the ally attached to her by 15%. Her other skills Love Waves and Puppet-on-a-string can reduce the movement speed of the enemies giving the allies an advantage over them. The ultimate skill of Angela is Heartguard in which she channelizes a shield to a particular allied hero and can use her skills without any Mana during that time.

These are some of the best support heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Have a look at the abilities of these heroes and play with them in the game. Try out other support heroes as well to get acquainted with them. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Best Tank Heroes in MLBB and Best settings to play.