Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Best Tank Heroes?

Want to choose a tank character in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Check out the best ones here.

There are various characters in MLBB that you can select to play. All the characters have been assigned a specific role that defines their position and potential to fight in the battle. These roles are Mage, Tank, Fighter, Support, Marksman, and Assassin. In this guide, we have mentioned some of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Read along with this guide and pick the best hero on the road to glory.

What are the Best Tank Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?


Tanks are the heroes that are usually placed on the front lines of battles. But they can be positioned elsewhere to optimize their potential and emerge victorious. There are many heroes in the game which belong to the tank category and the best ones are mentioned below for you to select from.

  • Uranus
  • Johnson
  • Tigreal
  • Hylos
  • Baxia


Uranus in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Uranus has an interesting ability and that is HP Regeneration. Using this ability, you can face the enemies head-on. His Physical attack is 115 and uses 455 Mana. This tank hero attacks the bottom liners of the enemy battalion and starts clearing their ranks from behind. This will help you to stall the reinforcements while your teammates fight the other enemies.


Johnson in Mobile Legends BB

The next tank hero on the list is Johnson. Johnson can turn out to be very useful as his HP is 2809 and his Physical attack is 120. Apart from that, he transforms into a car and tags another hero with him to attack other enemies. His stats are impressive and you will soon get acquainted with him by playing.


Tigreal in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Tigreal is a great option to select while battling in MLBB. Although his Physical attack is 112 and his HP is 2690, his abilities can be nasty when used correctly. His skills include Attack Wave and Sacred Hammer. And his ultimate is Implosion. These attacks can deal a good amount of damage and helps you to maintain a hand in the battle.


Hylos in MLBB

Next in line is Hylos with a Physical attack of 105 and a massive HP of 2909. His abilities include Law and Order, Ring Of Punishment and his ultimate is Glorious Pathway. Apart from that, his passive ability lets him use his HP as mana when he’s out of mana.


Baxia in Mobile Legends BB

Baxia has a Physical attack is 125 and his HP is 2769. With his skill Baxia-Shield Unity, he can deal 300 damage to the units he targets and also deals some damage to the nearby troops. His other skill is called Shield of Spirit he can slow down the enemy which is hit by the shield. Overall, Baxia can hold off the enemy troops for the others to attack them.

These are some of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang that you can select. You can play with these or other tanks to explore which one suits you best. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out other similar articles such as Best heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Best settings to play.