Mobile Legends: How To Increase Hero Power

Want to increase your favorite hero's power in Mobile Legends? here is a guide to help you achieve that and have maximum impact on your next battles.

In Mobile Legends, stronger heroes take the game to your side, giving you the ultimate advantage in the battle arena with their high potential. They dominate in a match due to their abilities, high damage strikes, and strong crowed handling ability. If you want to find out how to make a hero powerful, in this guide we will give you a few tips by which you can increase hero power in Mobile Legends.

How to Increase Hero Power In Mobile Legends

how to increase hero power in mobile legends Bang Bang

Below are a few tips you can apply in your game to increase hero power, making them more powerful and dominating in the battle arena.

Add Skin Attribute

Do you have skin in MLBB? Well, you must be aware that in this game, skins have different attributes to them. Hence, using your skin alone can help you increase your hero power. It certainly depends upon the skin you have for the character.

Using Battle Spells

Along with skins, you can equip your hero with a battle spell before the match. This is an additional ability for the hero inside the game, so choosing the right one from the available options is crucial. It is a matter of testing and trying different options and combinations in practice matches to find the perfect one.

Increase Emblem to Max

In Mobile Legends, Emblem is the basic attribute that can help to increase and maximize a hero’s power. Once Emblem is maxed out for a hero, you will hit a large amount of basic damage with every strike and too without using any game item. Now add this with the other strike and damage you will strike in the battle, the overall result is quite astonishing.

Furthermore, you can set up the perfect build for your hero as you get them. As each hero can have their own build, taking help from the build of a pro player will help you in all positive ways. That’s all you need to know about how to increase hero power in Mobile Legends. Check out other similar articles such as Best Mage Heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Best Support Heroes to choose the right hero for the right work. Moreover, you look out for more such guides on MLBB on GamesAdda.