Best Heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Find out which heroes or characters are best in MLBB.

MLBB is a showdown multiplayer game where gamers from across the globe join and fight in a team of 5 members. You battle in real time against real players. There are roles such as Tank, Mage, Marksman, Assassin, Support, and Fighter from which you can choose characters. But choices are many, making it hard to find the best one. So here is a list of the best 5v5 MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang heroes.

Best Mobile Legends Bang Bang Heroes

Heroes Saber Alucard MLBB


Saber, also known as Wandering Sword, is an Assassin role hero. He specializes in Charge/Reap. Talking about base stats, he can reach up to 4909 HP, 1843 mana, 254 physical attacks, 38 magic defenses, and 64 physical defenses at level 15. His abilities include Charge, Triple Sweep, Orbiting Swords, and Enemy’s Bane.


Granger is also known as Death Chanter. And his role is Marksman, where he specializes in Burst/Reap. His stats at level 15 are 4239 HP, 352 physical damage, 38 magic defense, and 59 physical defense. His abilities include Rhapsody, Rondo, Death Sonata, and Caprice.


Desert Tyrant or Khufra plays the role of Tank. And he specializes in Initiator/Crowd Control. The base stats that he comes with are 2770 HP, 460 mana, 117 physical damage, 15 magic defense, and 19 physical defense. His abilities are Bouncing Ball, Tyrant’s Revenge, Spell Curse, and Tyrant’s Rage.


Abyssal Witch or Selena plays the role of Assassin/Mage in MLBB. Her specialty is Initiator/Reap. At level 15 she can get stats of HP 4984, Mana 1918, physical attack 204, physical defense 59, and magic defense 38. Her abilities are Abyssal Arrow, Abyssal Trap, Symbiosis, and Primal Darkness.


Alucard or Demon Hunter plays the role of Fighter/Assassin in this 5v5 MOBA. He specializes in Chase/Damage. The base stats that he comes with are HP 2821, physical attack 123, physical defense 21, and magic defense 15. Whirling Smash, Fission Wave, Groundslitter, and Pursuit are his abilities.

These are all the top best heroes of Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB. Looking for more such articles, check out the best defender espers in Dislyte.