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Mobile Legends Eudora Item Build Guide (2022): Best Build, Tips & Tricks

Learn about the best builds, gaming strategies, diverse skills, and more for Eudora in Mobile Legends.

To truly enjoy the gameplay of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, you must be familiar with your character. You should be conscious of their positives and negatives, best build, best emblem sets, how to use their skills, and other factors. Today, I’ll assist you with one of MLBB’s most significant characters, Eudora. Keep reading Eudora’s build and gameplay guide.

Mobile Legends: Eudora Guide 2022 – Best Build & More

You’ll be surprised to learn that Eudora, also known as the Queen of Lightning, has the ability to brutally murder any opponent in seconds and make them disappear from the world. This bolt of the lightning beast is already known for dealing with heavy burst magic damage, and her lightning spells coupled with passive abilities add more to it.

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She excels in everything, be it targeting enemies in the lane, bringing down a single target, or dealing massive damage to the opposing team during a fight. You simply cannot undervalue her true capabilities.


  • Entrance Quotes – You should be ashamed for not trusting yourself.
  • Role – Mage
  • Specialty – Burst/Reap/Control
  • Best Lane – Side Laner
  • Hero Feature – Eudora is a lightning master who can control lightning at her leisure.


  • Movement Speed – 250
  • Physical Attack – 112
  • Physical Defense – 19
  • Magic Power – 0
  • Armor – 0
  • Magic Resistance – 10
  • HP – 2524
  • Mana – 468
  • Attack Speed – 0.8
  • HP Regen Rate – 38
  • Mana Regen Rate – 16

Pros & Cons

Eudora in Mobile Legends has her share of pros and cons which are listed in the table below.

Pros Cons
Easily bursts multiple enemies. Lengthy cool-down time.
The simplest and straightforward Mage. Can’t burst enemies without an Ultimate.
Point & click stun. She’s defenseless with no stuns.
First Skill is an excellent source of poke and wave-clear. Can’t stand against long-ranged heroes.
Point and click ultimate. Nothing in front of Mages more powerful than her.
Applies a 1.5-second stun using 1st Skill and later 2nd skill as well. Immobile.
When equipped with Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon deals huge damage to enemies. Not effective without an appropriate item build.
Roam freely all thanks to her stun power. Non-meta in high ranks.
A free Mage. Can’t be effective without Golds & Levels.

Eudora Best Build

The most suitable build for Eudora includes the following.

Fleeting Time Build One Shot Kill Build Invisible Roaming Build
Lightning Truncheon Clock Of Destiny Shadow Mask
Demon Shoes Magic Shoes Magic Shoes
Fleeting Time Holy Crystal Enchanted Talisman
Holy Crystal Divine Glaive Ice Queen Wand
Divine Glaive Concentrated Energy Oracle
Blood Wings Blood Wings Blood Wings
  • Fleeting Time Build – To increase her overall Magic Damage, for Mana Regeneration, to lower Ultimate’s cooldown time, for more survivability & durability.
  • One-Shot Kill Build – To increase HP, Magic Power, Mana, to lower cooldown time, & to claim bonus Spell Vamp (magic damage lifestyle).
  • Invisible Roaming Build – To become invisible temporary, to reduce cooldown time, slow spell targets, for survivability & immortality.

Skills & Abilities

The skills & abilities of Eudora have been recently improved. Let’s take a look at her passive and basic skills.

1. Newly Improved Second Skill

This is Eudora’s most important ability since it helps her to take down waves of enemies with a single attack. Her power to stun an army is unmatched.

2. Newly Improved Ultimate Skill

Again an effective one-shot skill but more devastating and well suitable for teamfights.

3. Newly Improved Passive Skill – Superconductor

With this skill, Eudora can deal the highest magic damage to enemies for 3 sec. Whenever an enemy hits by this skill gets a lightning mark beside the head.

4. Forked Lightning 

An AoE skill that deals magic damage in a fan-shaped region. In addition, if Eudora uses this skill on an enemy who already suffered Superconductor, he suffers extra delayed magic damage.

5. Electric Arrow

Electric damage is an effective crowd control skill. When the skill is used, a lightning bolt strikes a target. The target is stunned for 1.2 seconds and receives heavy damage. His magical defense is also reduced by 1.8 seconds.

If both the main objective and the maximum 3 nearest opponents are marked by the Superconductor, the nearby target will be stunned for 0.6 seconds.

6. Thunder’s Wrath

Okay! Thunder’s Wrath is her main damage skill basically b Burst Skill. She targets the desired enemy with a lightning strike and ends up dealing massive magic damage to the target.

Again here if the target is made because of the Superconductor skill, a dark cloud hovers above him and strikes another lightning. Hence, additional magic damage is dealt on him.

Emblem Sets

I recommend the following two Emblem Sets for Eudora build in Mobile Legends. The reasons are explained alongside.

  • Magic Emblem – The emblem offers additional magic damage. Assign 3 pts for Awaken in 1st row, 3 pts for Observation in 2nd row, and most essentially pick Energy Absorption for Talent. This will give her bonus HP and Mana
  • Mage Emblem –  The Mage Emblem is best known to provide Magic Penetration & Movement Speed. Assign 3 pts for Agility in 1st row, 3 pts for Observation in 2nd row and most essentially pick Magic Worship for Talent. This will impact the target with Burn Effect hence making it possible for them to flee.

Battle Spell

The suggested Battle Spell for Alice is Flicker & Flameshot. This is because Flicker gives her much-needed mobility and blink spell while Flamshot offers knockback ability and secures kill. Both the spells help her escape or chase enemies whenever required.

Strong & Weak Against

Eudora’s stun and one-shot abilities make it impossible for Marksman heroes to stand against her. Hence she is strong against Layla & Lesley.

Heroes with amazing Burst damage, great mobility & immunity can destroy Eudora in seconds. These heroes are mostly Ling, Lancely, and alikes.

Eudora Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you learn all aspects of Eudora, such as laning, positioning, build, and so on.

  • Dominate the lane – Using her skills deal heavy burst damage on enemies and increase her Mana.
  • Mix up skills – Make the most of passive ability with other skills to target multiple enemies at once.
  • Positioning – Stay near your tank 7 fighters and spam all th skills. Cast spells from a greater distance.
  • Build – Leverage Eudora build explained earlier.
  • Kill Squishy Enemies – Make sure to make Marksman & Assassin’s your first target.

The guide ends here & congrats on mastering Eudora and her build. Since you are here do give Mobile Legends Miya Item Build a shot.