Mobile Legends Miya Item Build Guide (November 2022): Best Build, Skills & Tips

Learn about the best builds, gaming strategies, diverse skills, and more of Miya in Mobile Legends in 2021.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang — a massively popular MOBA RPG — has quickly captured the attention of many players worldwide. The game is deeply satisfying because of its fantastic gameplay and a diversely large cast. The success of the game weighs heavily on your character hence it is pretty important to master them. Today’s guide will focus on one of the Mobile Legends characters, Miya, her best build, abilities, and overall gameplay.

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Mobile Legends: Miya Guide 2022 – Best Builds & More

Any guesses on what the Miya the Moonlight Archer is best known for? You’ll be surprised to learn that this mighty beast is capable of destroying an entire enemy team. She is a fantastic Marksman with the ability to inflict raw damage heavily.

She is simple to learn and does not give a lot of trouble. Her skills and teamfight roles are also direct. Upon taking down an enemy team she earns Maniac kill streaks.


  • Entrance Quotes – I am the moonlight that breaks through the darkness.
  • Role – Marksman
  • Specialty – Reap | Damage
  • Best Lane – Gold Laner
  • Hero Feature – A Moon-blessed Marksman.


  • Movement Speed – 240
  • Physical Attack – 100
  • Magic Power – 0
  • Attack Speed – 0.85
  • Physical Defense – 17
  • Magic Defense – 10
  • Basic Atk Crit Rate – 0
  • Hp – 2524
  • Mana – 445
  • Ability Crit Rate – 0
  • Hp Regen – 6
  • Mana Regen – 3

Miya Best Build

Refer to the below table for the best Miya Build.

Anti Heal Build Safety Build Attack Damage Build Attack Speed Build
Swift Boots Swift Boots Haas’s Claws Swift Boots
Windtalker Windtalker Swift Boots Demon Hunter Sword
Haas’s Claws Wind Of Nature Scarlet Phantom Scarlet Phantom
Blade Of Despair Blade Of Despair Berserkers Fury Berserker’s Fury
Sea Halberd Queen’s Wings Malefic Roar Corrosion Scythe
Queen’s Wings Berserker’s Fury Blade Of Despair Blade Of Despair
  • Anti Heal Build – For higher life steal & shield regeneration.
  • Safety Build – For highest safety & protection.
  • Attack Damage Build – For increasing raw physical attack.
  • Attack Speed Build – For increasing attack speed.


1. Turbo – Passive Skill

Miya’s attack speed increases by 5%, lasts 4 seconds and stacks up to 8 times whenever a basic attack strikes the target.

2. Rain of Arrows – Cooldown: 10 / Mana Cost: 80

A set of arrows is fired in a specific location, dealing 5 damage hits to enemies, with each hit dealing 30(+15 percent Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage points. Besides this, enemy movement becomes slower, and after 4 hits enemy freezes for 1 sec.

3. Fission Shot – Cooldown: 11 / Mana Cost: 80

When this skill is activated every basic attack shoots two split arrows to the actual target dealing 5(+105%Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage. It also inflicts 30% basic attack damage to the other target. The damage dealt lasts for 4 secs.

4. Turbo Stealth – Cooldown: 38 / Mana Cost: 120

Turbo Stealth increases your attack speed by 35% for 6 seconds, and movement speed by 45% for 1.5 seconds. The key feature of the ability is that it discards all mobility effects from yourself and fades away for 1.5 seconds.

Emblem Sets

Here are the two best emblem sets suggested for Miya.

  • Assassin – For Mobility & Damage for that extra movement speed & HP after each kill.
  • Marksman – For Crit Damage & Life Steal to decrease enemy movements & attack speed.

Battle Spells

The recommended battle spells for Miya in Mobile Legends include the following.

  • Flicker – For additional mobility to escape fights & hunt down dying enemies.
  • Inspire – To deal extra overall damage but shoot from a safe distance only.

Miya Gameplay Tips & Tricks

  • Deal maximum damage during steals & teamfights since she is the best Marksman.
  • While farming, make the best of Fission Shot skill.
  • Farm as much you can.
  • Max your passive skill Turbo Stacks.
  • While teamfight ensure you position her behind the tanks & teammates.

Well, this is how you perfect the Miya in Mobile Legends and make the best build for her. Since you are here do check out Alice Best Build In Mobile Legends.