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Hearthstone Top Decks (November 2021)

With our top Hearthstone Decks recommendation, you are sure to reach new heights in the game. Keep scrolling!

There are several reasons why the auto-battler Hearthstone has received the most prolific awards. A platform that allows players to mix up ideas, unlock their creativity, crazy elements, & rich content, to name a few. If you are tempted to begin your card-brawling experience, you must first carefully pick your decks.

This is because your progress in the game is completely dependent on the theme of your deck. You will quickly advance in the game if you make the correct choices. So, let me assist you in getting to the top with our suggested top Hearthstone decks.

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For your convenience, I’ve added a revised tier list in addition to our best picks. The rankings are subjectively associated with specific archetypes, and this list is constantly evolving. But, if you want to keep up, bookmark this post.

Hearthstone Top Decks – 9 Groups To Consider

The Rise of Shadow update introduced a new collection of cards that fit in well with existing sets. The latest meta has a lot of new stuff in store for you. Check out the list of top Hearthstone top decks below.

Note: The list is curated keeping in mind the Rise Of Shadow update hence not all the decks are listed in the following categories.

Druid Decks

Druid is at the top of our list for all good reasons, the most important of which are strong teamwork and exceptional talent. At present 3 Druid decks are available in the game.

  1. Heal Druid
  2. Token Druid
  3. Malygos Druid

Hunter Decks

Hunter is just another awesome deck of cards, and trust me when I say you’re in for a blissful ride. There are four Hunter Decks available in the game’s current meta.

  1. Spell Hunter
  2. Mech Hunter
  3. Beast Hunter
  4. Midrange Hunter

Mage Decks

There’s no harm in messing with this category when what it offers is pure gaming joy. You can currently enjoy three Mage Decks in the game.

  1. Spell Damage Mage
  2. Hand Mage
  3. Tempo Mage

Paladin Decks

This is the most diverse Deck in the series, and there are three Paladin Decks introduced in the game.

  1. Secret Paladin
  2. Dragon Paladin
  3. Immortal Paladin

Priest Decks

Well, these are decent ones that promise ultimate joy. The Priest Decks in the game includes 3 additions.

  1. Deathrattle Priest
  2. Resurrect Priest
  3. Silence Priest

Rogue Decks

The Rogue has a lot of cool content and the best card set, but don’t spend your money on Pogo-Hopper just yet. Perhaps in the future, there will be a fascinating fusion between Miracle and Tempo, as well as the addition of Togwaggle. Indeed, one of the top Hearthstone Decks available. You have 3 types of Rogue Decks to experiment with at present.

  1. Thief Rogue
  2. Tempo Rogue
  3. Pogo-Hopper Rogue

Shaman Decks

These are better known for class recognition and interactive play parts. Here is a list of Shaman Decks.

  1. Murloc Shaman
  2. Control Shaman
  3. Big Shaman

Warlock Decks

The Decks here have recently got a lot of exposure as it provides a ton of fun elements in the game. Also, the available Warlock Decks in the game counts 3.

  1. Plot Twist Warlock
  2. Zoo Warlock
  3. Handlock

Warrior Decks

This is the most strong and explosive deck. The top Hearthstone decks for the Rise of Shadow archetypes are undoubtedly the Bomb and Dragon Warrior. Four Warriors are housed in this competitive Deck.

  1. Bomb Warrior
  2. Dragon Warrior
  3. Big Warrior
  4. Control Warrior

Hearthstone Top Decks – Tier List

Are you still unsure about which Deck is the best? Then here’s a simple solution. The tier list, which is a combination of all categories, is featured below. The tier list begins with S, then moves on to A, B, and finally C. The levels are arranged in descending order of efficiency, from most efficient to least efficient. As a result, it is best to choose from Tier S, and if that is not possible, Tier A. Tier B should be used as a backup, and Tier C should only be used in rare situations.

Tier S

  • Face hunter
  • Secret Paladin
  • Libram Secret Paladin

Tier A

  • Murloc Shaman
  • Control Warlock
  • Rush Warrior
  • Clown Druid
  • Deathrattle Demon Hunter
  • Token Druid

Tier B

  • OTK Leorxx Hunter
  • Elemental Shaman
  • No Minion Spell Rage
  • Midrange Demon Hunter
  • Secret Rogue
  • Watch Post Rogue
  • Soul Demon Hunter
  • Stealth Rogue

Tier C

  • Poison Rogue
  • Aggro Shaman
  • Miracle Rogue
  • Hero Power Mage
  • Control Priest
  • Guardian Druid
  • Control Warrior

Finally, the Hearthstone top Decks suggestions wrap up. I do hope you find the article useful and made the right call.