Mobile Legends Bang Bang: Alice Item Build, Gameplay & More

Learn about Alice's best builds, gaming strategies, diverse skills, and more in Mobile Legends in 2021.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang combines elements from various genres, namely MOBA, real-time strategy, and action RPG. It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular and most played video game by players all over the world. The most interesting aspect of the game, though, is the handsome and beautiful characters it features. Each character in the game has a specific skill set, playstyle, abilities, and more. Today, you’ll read about one such MLBB character. Let’s take a look at the best build & overall gameplay of Alice in Mobile Legends this 2021.

Mobile Legends: Alice Guide 2021 – Best Builds & More

What do you think Alice is well fit for? Burst Damage Mage or Teamfight Initiator Mage? To be honest, she’s pretty good at both of them. Isn’t it shocking? Well, the sole credit goes to her rare magic spells & AoE lifesteal ultimate capability which gives her the supreme power.

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Alice, also known as the Queen of Blood, is a one-of-a-kind Mage hero who likes to cast a spell from a safe distance. The cunning Alice has an attack pattern of first luring the enemy sweetly. Later, she pulls their soul away with her long rage expertise, good CC, special item effects, and AoE lifesteal ultimate. The more enemies she encounters, the more HP she earns.


  • Entrance Quotes – My kiss grants you immortality or death.
  • Role – Mage/Tank
  • Speciality – Charge/Regen
  • Best Lane – Mid Laner
  • Hero Feature – The tyrannical queen of the Blood Demons.


  • Movement Speed – 240
  • Physical Attack – 114
  • Magic Power – 0
  • Attack Speed – 0.8
  • Physical Defense – 21
  • Magic Defense – 10
  • Basic Atk Crit Rate – Na
  • HP – 2573
  • Mana – 493
  • Ability Crit Rate – 0
  • HP Regen – 7.2
  • Mana Regen – 3.6

Pros & Cons

Alice has a decent share of advantages and drawbacks, which are described in the table below.

Pros Cons
Versatile Can’t Deal With Entire Team Damage
Good Teamfight Initiator Not Best For Main Tank Fights
Skills With Low Cooldown Item Dependent
High Mobility & Escape Difficult To Master
Good AoE Escapes Mana If Didn’t Keep Track Of Her
Can Deal Persistent Damage

Mobile Legends Alice Best Build 2021

Since playing Alice as an Offlaner is more convenient and she has the potential to collect stacks and harass enemies, she is often preferred as an Offlaner over the Main tank role. Still, the best 2021 build for Alice in Mobile Legends as Offlaner, Support Role, and Tank is given below.

Offlaner Support Role Tank
Demon Shoes Demon Shoes Demon Shoes
Clock Of Destiny Enchanted Talisman Enchanted Talisman
Lightning Truncheon Clock Of Destiny Oracle
Immortality Cursed Helmet Immortality
Ice Queen Wand Antique Cuirass Antique Cuirass
Holy Crystal Necklace Of Durance Cursed Helmet
  • Demon Shoes – Supports with Mana Regen.
  • Clock Of Destiny – Increases 10X HP & Magic Attack every 30 seconds. Once increased it also offers extra Mana & a 5% Magic Attack.
  • Lightning Truncheon – Deals Burst damage and extra damage depending on your mana. It also deals extra damage by inflicting Magic Damage on opponents.
  • Immortality – When you die in a fight, you are reborn.
  • Ice Queen Wand – Offers Magic Lifesteal & slows down the opponents.
  • Holy Crystal – Boosts Magic Attack significantly and fits well with Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon.
  • Enchanted Talisman – Offers High CD & Mana Regen.
  • Cursed Helmet – Considering your Max HP deals Magic Damage to surrounding enemies.
  • Antique Cuirass – Allows your team to kill enemies easily by reducing their Defence stats.
  • Necklace Of Durance – The durability of several heroes reduces as it lowers the enemy Regeneration effect.
  • Oracle – Increases Shield absorption by 30% & increases High Regen effect.

Skills & Abilities

Alice in Mobile Legends possesses four distinct types of skills and abilities, each of which is described below.

1. Blood Ancestry (Passive)

A blood orb generates anytime a surrounding minion passes away. Absorbing such blood orb permanently increases Alice’s maximum HP by 10 points and restores her mana by 50 points. In addition, as the orb is stacked up to 200, Alice earns an additional 2000 HP.

  • She earns a 10% CD Reduction with 12 Orbs.
  • She earns a 15% Regen Effect with 25 Orbs.
  • She earns 40 Movement speed points with 50 Orbs.

2. Flowing Blood (Cooldown: 6s / Mana Cost: 90)

A blood blob is fired at a general angle, dealing 350 (+180% Total Magic Power) magic damage points to the enemy. This ability is later used by the hero to quickly teleport to the location of the blood blob.

3. Blood Awe (Cooldown: 7s / Mana Cost: 90)]

Immobilizes surrounding enemies for 1.2 seconds and deals 270 (+90% Total Magic Power) magical damage. After that, the enemies are delayed for 2 seconds.

4. Blood Ode (Cooldown: 30s / Mana Cost: 135)

Alice shifts to a blood-drinking mode for the next 5 seconds once this skill is activated. Every 0.5 seconds, it deals 160(+70% Total Magic Power) magic damage points to nearby enemies while also regains 80(+30% Total Magic Power) pts of HP to herself.

Best Skill Combinations

Alice in Mobile Legends is meant for Super OP ultimate because more enemies equal more lifesteal for her. It is better to prioritize Ultimate in order to teleport the most enemies from skill 1. Meanwhile, use the ability 2 to stop enemy movement, keeping them from fleeing.

Emblem Sets

Since Mage Emblem improves here Damage potential, it is wise to spend your talent points in it. Here is Alice’s suggested Mage Emblem set.

  • Mastery/Agility –  Mastery will do the trick if you want to shorten the cooldown time. Agility, on the other hand, is better for a constant steal because it offers additional movement speed.
  • Observation – To significantly raise the Magic Penetration.
  • Mystery Shop – Allows Alice to purchase all of the goods since their rates are cut by 10%.

Battle Spells

The only Battle spell which I recommend for Alice is Vengeance as it lowers the damage caused by enemies.

Strong & Weak Against

Alice easily defeats heroes who rely heavily on skills rather than basic attacks, as higher CD skills have an upper hand. Eudora, Aurora, Nana, and other heroes fall under this category.

Alice struggles against heroes who have a high HP Regen or largely depend on True Damage. Baxia, Ruby, Gusion, Karina, etc are the best examples under this category.

Alice Gameplay Tips & Tricks

The following tips will help you master Alice in all aspects of Mobile Legends in 2021, whether its build, abilities or something else.

  • In one-on-one fights, she is the most dominant.
  • Sustains all levels of damage.
  • Make the most of items like the Ice Queen Wand to halt enemy movements and keep them from running.
  • Slowing their moves also forces them to linger longer, allowing you to deal further damage on them.
  • Winter Truncheon is useful since Alice can die at any moment during the war. However, before using it, unlock the Ultimate ability.

This summarizes our build and gameplay guide for Alice in Mobile Legends for 2021. I hope you find it helpful and that you would be able to fully exploit the potential of this Queen of Blood.