List Of The Most Handsome & Beautiful Heroes In Mobile Legends Bang Bang

This is the GamesAdda's collection of the most gorgeous Mobile Legends hero that's got players gushing about.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang sits at the pinnacle of the list of extremely influential mobile MOBA action RPGs with a large player base predominantly in Southeast Asia and a flourishing esports landscape. The major contribution to building the esports environment of the game goes to the regional leagues and delightful characters.

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With almost 100 heroes unleashed in the title, there are a handful of heroes strongly appreciated by the crowd just for their exquisite appearance. If you are wondering who is the most beautiful Mobile Legends hero then you are at the right source. Read this article till the end to find out the Mobile Legends heroes with the best looks.

Here Are Mobile Legends Most Beautiful & Handsome Heroes

With Mobile Legends Bang Bang featuring a bunch of compelling characters to play, at present lineup makes avail 98 heroes on the primary server and a couple more on advanced servers. Some of these 100 heroes appear elusive, while some biblically goofy. Here’s a selection of the most glorious heroes in Mobile Legends that will tempt you to devote more hours to the game.

Lesley Most Beautiful Hero In Mobile Legends

She’s the goddess of serious destruction capable of killing the entire team just with her skills. She’s the scariest MM sniper who normally sings a dreamy song before attacking the enemy Because of her devilish charm and accurate targeting, anyone can be startled. Her eye patch beautifully fits well with vibrant physical characteristics that exude exceptional grace. No wonder she is the most beautiful hero in Mobile Legends MOBA.

Kagura Most Beautiful Hero In Mobile Legends

She is the typical Japanese hero flaunting silver hair and intricate traditional attire. She may lack skillsets but is the most visually appealing character in the game. Besides her original skin, she looks equally beautiful in her other in-game skins as well. Her character is centered upon a strong Japanese Seimei umbrella with quick magical effects.

Odette Most Beautiful Hero In Mobile Legends

Odette is adorned with luxurious frizzy golden hair to drool over and is also blessed with a sophisticated feel. She is the epicenter of glamour and always sings quietly giving out a calming power. She is seen clutching a sword, a present from her boyfriend Lancelot. To tell you’ve got to play this endearing character in the game.


She is the sister of Odette’s romantic interest, Lancelot, and she also belongs to the Baroque dynasty. Players generally prefer her royalty, not power, and all her skins are unquestionably magnificent. She is recognized for her magical talents, and because she hails from the princely household her appearance and outfits are fabricated considering her standards in sight.

Lunox Most Beautiful Hero In Mobile Legends

Her combinations of black and white outfits make her the most beautiful hero in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. She is the epitome of beauty with the brain as she can inflict extremely painful damage per second. All her outfits do justice to her beauty but her Cosmic Harmony skin steals the show without guilt.

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So these are the best glamours’ according to GamesAdda which you can play and enjoy in the action RPG Mobile Legends.