Tingkatan Rank Mobile Legends 2021 – How To Reach 8th Rank In MLBB?

This post from GamesAdda brings you a rundown of the ranking structure in Mobile Legends tingkatan.

Action RPG has always been the most prominent multiplayer online battle arena title accruing a large number of user bases around the globe. Avid MLBB players must be conscious of the integrated ranking system and its implementation in the game, while it is possible for some to be ignorant of the same.

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This guide is for those who don’t know what the rank tingkatan in Mobile legends is, how it works, what the total ranks are, and what each rank represents. Let’s get started.

Rank Tingkatan In Mobile Legends

This MLBB model places you in one of the 8 ranks of the game, depending on your expertise and time spent on fighter aircraft. The rank mode unlocks once you hit level 8 and you possess at least 5 heroes in your crew. You can enjoy the ranked mode in several ways:

  • Solo Matches
  • Duo Matches
  • 5 Player Matches
  • By Inviting Friends

With 8 available rank modes each described in detail below, you obtain 1 star for every win in the as well lose 1 star for every knockdown in the rank tingkatan in Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

In a nutshell, full star promises tier promotion in the next victory and no or fewer stars warns about tier drop in the next defeat. Here’s the 8 rank tingkatan of Mobile Legends explained in a simple manner.

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WarriorTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

To reach this Ranked Match mode you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Reach level 8
  • Have at least 5 heroes

This mode features 3 levels, Warrior III, Warrior II, and Warrior I. When you complete these 3 levels you accumulate 3 stars that will help you promote to the next tier. The best thing about this rank is that even upon defeat you won’t lose any stars.

Warrior comes bearing the following rewards:

  • 1x Fragment Skin Premium
  • 1000 Battle Points
  • 100 Tickets

EliteTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

To access this rank mode, you must be more qualified than the Warriors. Like the Warriors, Elite has three levels, Elite III, Elite II, and Elite I.

This rank is for players who are familiar with simple multiplayer online battle arena dynamics. To progress to the next tier collect 3 stars and ensure you win every battle since Elite costs you 1 star per defeat.

Elite rank mode offers the following rewards:

  • 3x Fragment Skin Premium
  • 2000 Battle Points
  • 200 Tickets

MasterTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

You may find 1st two rank modes i.e. Warrior and Elite easy since you play against bots however this is not the case from here. In this rank tingkatan of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, you will struggle against the real gamers like you. These gamers may or may not be as skilled as you but the game gets pretty intense.

The master rank mode features 4 levels, Master IV, Mater III, Master II, and Master I each gets you 4 stars.

Rewards you acquire in Master mode include:

  • Season Exclusive Skins
  • 4000 Battle Points
  • 300 Tickets

GrandmasterTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

In the Grandmaster rank tingkatan of Mobile Legends, you battle with the ones who are capable of dealing with the powerful heroes and are well versed with the meta.

The rank mode features 5 classes, Grandmaster V, Grandmaster IV, Grandmaster III, Grandmaster II, and Grandmaster I. Each class gets your 5 stars which are your key to the next tier.

The Grandmaster rank awards you with the following rewards:

  • Season Exclusive Skins
  • 7000 Battle Points
  • 600 Tickets

EpicTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

This is an incredibly difficult mode in which you decide 2 heroes to be excluded, counter pick and coordinate with the squad to brainstorm with chosen heroes. Hitting Grandmaster is pretty much an accomplishment in itself, but wonder what you’ve got to do to transcend that mode.

Epic features 5 classes too, Epic V, Epic IV, Epic III, Epic II, and Epic I again each gift you 5 stars that will support you to advance to the next level.

The exciting rewards you enjoy here include:

  • Season Exclusive Skins
  • 12000 Battle Points
  • 1000 Tickets

LegendTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

If you unleash the Legend rank tingkatan in Mobile Legends, then brace yourself for rugged battles and prove your specialist knowledge, abilities, and air of superiority while regulating the game’s spotlight.

Legend rank mode features 5 classes as well, Legends V, Legends IV, Legends III, Legends II, and Legends 1 again each gets you 1 star and helps you progress to the next tier in line.

The rewards you unlock at this rank mode include:

  • Season Exclusive Skins
  • 20000 Battle Points
  • 1500 Tickets

MythicTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

Mythic rank mode simply means competing with the highly expert MLBB players and is the top-most rank mode you can dream to unleash.

The mode features 5 Mythic levels, Mythic V, Mythic IV, Mythic III, Mythic II, and Mythic I but the catch here is this time each level won’t give you stars but valuable Mythic points, and these points boost or fall contingent upon you earn or lose the title.

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You will initially participate in the 10 Placement Match to evaluate your status in the Mythic tier. At this point, you won’t descend to the Legend rank unless you reset your rank at the start of this season.

Mythic rewards you with the following:

  • Season Exclusive Skins
  • Expression Mythic
  • 20000 Battle Points
  • 1500 Tickets

Glorious MythicTingkatan Rank Mobile Legends

The mythic rank mode determines your fate when it comes down to the Glorious Mythic rank mode. For this achievement you must meet this criterion:

  • You have scooped up at least 600 Mythic points.

Besides you also get the opportunity to make a room for yourself in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang leader board only when you succeed in accumulating the highest Mythic points in contrast to other MLBB gamers.

This is where our Tingkatan rank in the Mobile Legends Guide finishes. I’ve tried to cover every bit of the rank modes in Mobile Legends under this one post, so I’m sure you won’t feel the need to seek any more details about it.