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MLBB Creator Camp (February 2022) – Memes, Comics, Requirements & More

This article covers everything about the MLBB Creator Camp that you must know as a content creator or streamer.

The most popular action role-playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s creator Moonton has built a special platform for all content producers out there to create the highest quality MLBB content. The website is titled MLBB Content Creators, which offers the best resources, guides, tips, recommendations, and materials from leading content makers such as Akosi Dogie and ChooxTV.

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If you’re crazy about the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, this is certainly a wonderful opportunity for you to connect and interact with the content creators and establish a strong MLBB community of experts. Let’s dig deeper about the MLBB Creator Camp.

MLBB Creator Camp – February 2022

It is a platform that intends to guide the budding content makers by facilitating them with all the support they require. If have a knack for creativity and willingness to explore and generate content for Mobile Legends, then MLBB Creator Camp enables you to exhibit your talent and skills. This community is incredibly prominent since it is made up of not just players but like-minded individuals like professional players, cosplayers, streamers, tutorial leaders, and specialists.

The MLBB network sprawls from across the globe and kindly greets you with memes, cosplays, comics, and other artistic resources. If this sounds tempting, then you must consider joining the team. Luckily, I’m here to save your energy by bringing all the requisite information under one roof.

MLBB Creator Camp Benefits

Here are all the possible benefits you will enjoy upon joining the camp.

  • Brand collaboration
  • Guide for official Mobile Legends social media handles
  • An interactive community of creators
  • Advertising promotion
  • Collab with popular MLBB creators
  • Lots of skins
  • Diamond Reward each week
  • Official game merchandise
  • Offline Events
  • Your content gets a feature on official MLBB’s Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Monthly diamond pay assured for best performing content creators
  • In-game profile verification
  • The border as well Advanced Server permission

MLBB Creator Camp Diamond Allocation

You will be assigned several projects every week to create unique forms of material that will be judged by design, imagination, and viewing figures. The below list will tell you how diamonds will be allocated.

  • Top Work Content– 500 Diamonds
  • Excellent Work Content– 150 Diamonds
  • Upon Submitting 1st Creative Project – 50 Extra Diamonds
  • If You Fall Under 1st 100 To Submit Every Week – 50 Diamonds

As there is no fixed allotment, each participant of the camp has a shot to earn diamonds on the merit of their performance.

MLBB Special Privileges

Quickly progressing ML content creators are granted the privilege of being a

  • Moonton’s Key Opinion Leader (KOL)
  • The become Beta Tester
  • Official Creative Content Recommendation
  • Contract Operation

MLBB Technical Benefits

Even newbies are eligible to become a member of the Mobile Legends Content Creators team with the assistance of qualified technical guidance. You will be taught how to create and edit videos, how to make thumbnails, and how to make up to the mark contents.

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Grab the potential to kick start your adventure to become a content maker with sheer determination, fun, and luck.

MLBB Creator Camp Requirements

The only pre-requisites for joining the camp are specified below.

  1. Have fun playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang
  2. Have your channel on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.
  3. Love to learn and create content.

Steps To Join MLBB Creator Camp in 2022

If you are sure to meet the above expectations then follow the below steps to join the camp.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website.
  • Step 2: Join the official Discord server.
  • Step 3: Fill in the application form.
  • Step 4: Submit the form.

As the Community receives applications in large numbers, all the candidates are not accepted at once, so you need to be cautious when they are open to new applications.

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