Wild Rift Patch 2.2 Release Date, Updates, New Additions

This article gives you a sneak peek at what to expect in Wild Rift patch 2.2.

Riot has done a phenomenal job in delivering the League experience to mobile devices with Leagues Of Legends: Wild Rift. Even though it has not been launched worldwide, this mobile online battle arena has seized the interest of a massive pool of players in a relatively short period of time. The developers are working diligently to draw a potential audience with each coming day, and to their delight, they are prospering impressively.

The total launch of this action RPG had been postponed due to the pandemic, but with a new timeline and back-to-back patches, the game seems to be up and running quickly. Here’s what developers said a few days ago:

“Each patch is the result of months of planning, thousands of hours of work, and 200+ years(!!!) of development experience, so we do our best to hit the planned dates. That being said, stuff happens, and these dates are therefore subject to change. But we’ll always do our best to warn you beforehand!”

Just a few hours ago, Leagues of Legends: Wild Rift’s official Twitter account posted a video confirming the arrival of 2.2 patch updates. The tweet is as follows:

Let’s read more about the Wild Rift patch notes in detail.

Wild Rift Patch 2.2

With the inclusion of 5 new champions to the roster, new servers, items, and more, Wild Rift patch 2.2 seems to be the biggest update yet. The title is expanding in size with each new update, and we aren’t protesting a bit.

To break the good news, with the release of Wild Rift patch 2.2, the game will be officially made available to North Americans, meaning that the game has finally gone worldwide.

Finally, here’s the rundown of what is in store for you with the launch of Wild Rift patch 2.2. Make sure you read till the end for complete and relevant details.


Wild Rift update 2.2 introduces 5 champions bringing in more diversity and designs to the game. Also half of the Leagues of Legends characters on PC are now available on the mobile version with the champion lineup going up to 66. These human monsters are:

  1. Galio
  2. Renekton
  3. Rammus
  4. Kha’Zix,
  5. Rengar

You must be wondering why I used the term humanly right. Here’s why: Jane ‘DjangoUnjaned’ Chen on LOL: Wild Rift characters:

“One of the things we’ve heard a lot is that Wild Rift has a lot of humanoid champions, and not a lot of monstrous types,”

New Tank Items

Three new tank items have been extended to Wild Rift version 2.2, which are previously featured on the PC version but have been redesigned for mobile gameplay.

Sunfire Cape

This is a one-of-a-kind item from the PC edition. It loses a lot of tanks but holds its Health and Ability haste. As a result, unlike tanks, this is the ideal choice when you want to trade a smidge of durability for damage. Mike ‘RogueFool’ Breese on Sunfire Cape :

“While we are still evaluating Mythic items for Wild Rift, we really like the way Sunfire Aegis gives tanks a way to turn themselves into a beefy threat,”

Frozen Heart

This is a pleasant relief from dealing with Marksmen because it is a new home for Frozen Heart, whose aura lowers the enemies’ Attack speed while still protecting your group.

Force Of Nature

When an annoying mage refuses to leave your side, this proves to be a godsend. It also substitutes the Adaptive Helm as your primary Magic Resist artifact. Hence, unlike other choices in the game, utilizing the Magic Resist correctly is no longer a challenge.

Existing Tank Modifications

Besides the inclusion of new tank items in Wild Rift patch 2.2, existing tanks in the game are also modified for a better experience.


Non-mana users can now buy the sheen, as Trinity Force, Lich Bane, and mana have been removed from it, and prices have been modified to simplify the options for several players.
Furthermore, since Sapphire Crystal now only works into Tear of the Goddess, you can now stockpile mana from the beginning of the game with no back time, allowing you to concentrate on charging your Tear.


This is one of the most effective tank modifications in Wild Rift patch 2.2. Thornmail will now able to deal Grievous wounds once the targets are immobilized. As a result, you will receive more debuffs as and when needed.

Winter’s Approach

Winter’s Approach or Fimbulwinter whatever you want to call it, will take a distinct turn in Wild Rift patch 2.2. Its armour has been cut down to make it a go-to item for Ability haste.

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Ultra CC machine will now charge you some premature durability, and fortunately, Blitzcrank will be able to steal wins that may have gotten impossible due to the new mana stacking tank feature.

North America Launch

Finally, North Americans can conveniently enjoy the game without the use of a VPN or any other tricky means. With the 2.2 upgrade release, Wild Rift is all prepared to launch alongside the North American regions.

Position Preferencing

This is a new rank system that is currently being reviewed and is distinct from role select and auto-fill. It would queue you for positions 1 through 5 in the order of most preferred to least preferred. This is a unique rank system in which the number one role is not assured, but you are probable to obtain high relevance.wild rift 2.2 patch

Wild Pass

This is a new battle pass system comprising 50 tiers. With the Wild Pass in Wild Rift upgrade 2.2, you stand a chance to win new exciting rewards. Upon hitting stage 50 you earn new skins. It also presents two tracks namely Free with limited rewards and Paid with an extensive range of rewards and other incentives.

Release Date

The release of Wild Rift patch 2.2 is not far away. The game is set to be released on March 30th, 2021 at 1:00 UTC, with substantial changes and intriguing new in-game aspects for the supreme League encounters


Once the Wild Rift patch 2.2 update goes live you can easily download or update it from the Google Play Store or Apple app store.

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The size of the game is not revealed yet. However, assuming there are many new things incorporated in Wild Rift patch 2.2 the game is bound to take up a good chunk of storage space on your device.

That’s our comprehensive article on Wild Rift 2.2 patch. Stay tuned for more updates.