League Of Legends: Wild Rift Rakan Guide – Skills, Builds And More

Here’s a Wild Rift Rakan guide for you to obtain the highest possible win rate in League Of Legends.

The Charmer, probably most famous as the Rakan in Wild Rift, is certainly the most favourite of the League of Legends pros and solo queue favourites. He gives incredible support and is extremely capable of shielding and healing allies. Rakan is well respected for his impressive playstyle, his willingness to push any fight to his favour, and his ability to keep opponents from advancing.

Rakan boasts exceptional mobility and CC versatility and is more powerful in battling against his romantic lead Xayah. His shield increases with decreased cool down as he casts on it. It’s pretty exciting to play, and it’s fairly easy to use a champion.

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Let’s take a look at the best runes, spell, bind, plus tips and tricks that will lay the groundwork for success with Rakan in League Of Legends.

Wild Rift Rakan – Skills, Item Build, And More

The champion’s kit is not tough however it isn’t friendly for a newbie. You must know how precisely and exactly when to blend your abilities. You must be able to figure out the right time to engage with the enemies. Rakan is your best bet if you wish to have handsome support featuring an excellent kit to have an impact at any point in the fame.

Here’s everything you need to know about the champion Rakan.Wild-Rift-Rakan

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Advantages Of Rakan

Much like any Wild Rift character, there are a certain reasonable set of advantages while playing as a Rakan and these are:

  • He’s highly mobile.
  • Quite disruptive in team fights.
  • Good survival chance.
  • Versatile play style.

All these qualities make him the best playable champion in League of Legends.

Disadvantages of Rakan

When playing as a Rakan, along with enjoying its perks you will also have to cope with its disadvantages such as,

  • Least powerful in absence of Xayah.
  • Underwhelming damage.
  • Highly dependent on the team.
  • High skill ceiling.

However, these negative points of Rakan are smoothly covered by his strong and amazing features listed above.

Skills Of Rakan

Rakan is built for shielding allies and discouraging enemy movements in a team battle. He possesses 1 passive and 4 active skills explained below.

1. Passive: Fey Feathers

Rakan receives a passive shield which upon broken reduces the cooldown. Cooldown reduces by 1 second per attack on enemy champions. Additionally, Rakan and his love interest Xayah can surface to the base at the same time.

2. Active Skill 1 – Gleaming Quill

Rakan shoves the feather to the enemy and if succeeds in striking the enemy, he together with his allies inside the radium gets heals.

3. Active Skill 2 – Grand Entrance

Rakan runs to a venue to destroy opponents within the scope for 1 second.

4. Active Skill 3 – Battle Dance

He runs to an alley and shields the fighting team. If the skill is cast on Xayah, his shields multiply and cool down reduces.

Bonus: Ultimate – The Quickness

Rakan is provided with 50% movement speed. Further with each enemy hit he gets charmed for 1 sec and receives an extra 100% movement speed but charm transpires only once per unit.

Item Build For Rakan

This is a quick process that requires rushing Ionia Locket enchanted on your boots. To decrease your cool down buy lonia boots and increase your shields add locket enchant.

1. Zeke’s Convergence

This magnifies your ally’s damage per second.

2. Protector’s View

You and your team earn a shield and additional movement speed if you are targeted by enemy champions, thereby increasing your and your team’s survival.

3. Harmonic Echo

Abuse this effect to accelerate your healing power based on your mobility.

4. Warmog’s Armor

This helps you enhance your durability and stay put for an extended period in team battles.

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Finally, build Randuin’s Omen if you’re coping with easy attack enemies like Master Yi and Vayne or Abyssal Mask when confronted with rupture spells such as Ahri and Kennen.

Last words, once you get a hang on Rakan, your win rate automatically boosts. Also, check other guides on our website GamesAdda.