League Of Legends: Wild Rift Xayah – Best Build, Skills, And More

This guide will help you discover the skills of the champion Xayah in Wild Rift.

After covering the best support champion of the Wild Rift – Rakan, we’re about to shed light on the next Wild Rift champion – Xayah the Rebel. She is a highly potent Marksmen featuring a long-range and an outstanding kit that makes her a compelling choice even in the competent League of Legends play.

She’s just been introduced in the Lunar Beast alongside her romantic partner Rakan. Together they have formed a special synergy like never before in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Xayah – Skill, Build, And More

Xayah is more than a suitable Marksman champion, and if you’d like to discover an efficient Marksman champion who is often a go-choice even for experts Xayah should certainly be your first pick. She’s also not that challenging to play and if you take note of all your Feathers, you’re likely to have a full effect on the game despite being an amateur at this champion.

The rebel, Xayah, flaunts an incredible escape potential and burst damage. Besides, she holds the power to scrap the devastating skills in the game, Zed’s Death Mark, an accomplishment not every champion can do.

Hence if you are seeking information on the newest Wild Rift champion Xayah, then you are on the right path.Wild-Rift-Xayah

Xayah The Rebel’s Merits And Demerits

Xayah entails the following advantages and disadvantages which may assist you to dominate or lose the game.

Merits include:

  • Powerful carrying capabilities.
  • Decent CC for the Marksman champion.
  • Great wave clearing potentials.
  • Excellent escape potential.

Demerits include:

  • Can’t be impactful without good support.
  • Lacks mobility.
  • Worse chasing enemy skills.
  • Works for shorter range only.

Xayah The Rebel’s Skills

Just like Rakan, Xayah also entails 1 passive and 4 active skills explained below.

1. Passive Skill – Clean Cuts

This ability helps the Xayah to scatter the feathers on the ground with every basic attack and eventually recall those feathers to inflict significant damage on the enemies along their journey.

2. Active Skill 1 – Double Daggers

Xayah drops two deadly daggers which also releases damage-causing Feathers she can recall.

3. Active Skill 2 – Deadly Plumage

Xayah generates a huge amount of blades to accelerate the speed and damage of her basic attack and at the same time giving her movement speed upon attacking a champion.

4. Active Sill 3 – Bladecaller

Xayah calls back each of her fallen feathers dealing damaged foes.

5. Active Skill 4 – Featherstorm

Xayah flies into the air, becomes unreachable, and tosses out a fan of daggers, scattering Feathers that she can recall.

Xayah The Rebel’s – Item Build

Xayah can cast heavy burst damage on the enemy champions and her Featherstor attack makes her the strongest champion desired even by prop LOL players.

Infinity Edge

Dash out to purchase the Infinity Edge and invoke great power boost as well quickly clear out the waves for additional gold and exp.

Rapid Firecannon

This will help you balance her lack of attack range and encourage her to reach out to the players further amid marginally upping her critical hit rate.

Gloutonous Grieves

Best boots for her to have a little taste of life. Enchant the boots using Quicksilver to make up for her loss of mobility. The Quicksilver enchant would eliminate all the influence of crowd control on her, and she will achieve 50 % movement speed for a limited period.

Guardian Angel

An essential late-game item that ensures you have a second opportunity to strike back when the assassins manage to shoot you down in a single shot.

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Phantom Dancer

In instances when your health decelerates below 35%, Phantom Dancer provides you a shield thereby allowing you to survive the game even more.

Runaan’s Hurricane

Situational item to assist you clear waves as quickly as possible but opt for a mortal reminder if you’re interacting with highly armored tanks like Garen or Singed.

That’s all we have on League Of Legends Wild Rift’s new champion Xayah.