How To Get Volcanic Guitar Recipe For Retsuko In Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Watch Retsuko turn into Aggretsuko once you craft the Volcanic Guitar with the help of its recipe in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

You have to gift the Volcanic Guitar to Retsuko which is why you need its recipe in Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Once you get its recipe, you can craft it and give it to her, to increase your friendship level. The Guitar is an absolutely favorite item of Retusko, as she loves heavy metal, singing, and performing. So let us not keep our Aggretsuko waiting and get it.

How to Get Volcanic Guitar Recipe in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

get volcanic guitar recipe in hello kitty island adventure

You can get the Volcanic Guitar Recipe in Hello Kitty Island Adventure by increasing your friendship level with Tophat. However, you will require the following materials to craft it –

  • 3 Ingots
  • 3 Sparks
  • 3 Mechanism

So make sure you are able to keep the materials ready before you get the recipe. Then, raise your friendship level with Tophat to level 3. Once you have the Guitar, you have to go to the Lower northwest end of Mount Hothead and enter through the Caldera section, complete the Red Hot Ruins Puzzle. Check out this article on how to solve Red Hot Ruins Puzzle in the games. Then meet Retsuko at the lower northwest section of the Mountain.

Every time you meet Tophat, you know that you have reached a big level in the game and there are big rewards at the end of the game.  Once you gift her the guitar your friendship level will increase rapidly with Retsuko. Beware, cause she will turn into the heavy metal Aggretsuko and start playing the Volcanic Guitar. The Volcanic Guitar helps add to Retsuko’s persona of a heavy metal singer, which is why the gift means a lot to her.

This is how to get the recipe for the Volcanic Guitar in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to invite Chiffon and how to get Magic Bubble Wand in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.